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Enrich your product portfolio, differentiate yourself from the competition and benefit form a new and recurring revenue source by becoming a PaperLess Business Partner.

By becoming a PaperLess Business Partner you will be able to enrich your product portfolio and to provide a distinctive service to your clients. With more that 1700 installations across Europe the success of PaperLess Europe relies on having a carefully selected network of Business Partners, so we count on you for that.

As a PaperLess Business Partner what can you expect

  • A new and recurring revenue source for your company, something increasingly important when considering that PaperLess client loyalty levels are above 90%, ensuring a revenue growth every year.
  • Access to a powerful and reliable software that manages the entire document management process, from the moment documents are received until they are posted to the accounting application.
  • A dedicated support team that will give you and your clients all the assistance you need, guaranteeing total satisfaction.
  • A distinctive offer to your clients by giving them access to a state of the art technology that ensures the automation of accounting processes, starting by Automatic Invoice Recognition with more than 90% success rate.
  • Marketing support to help you generate new business leads, with telemarketing actions, email campaigns, online campaigns on different web portals, PPC advertising, among several other actions.


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Sage Authorised Product 50cloud
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