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PaperLess has the vision of improving the efficiency of accounting systems by using automatic invoice recognition, electronic document flow and archiving.

PaperLess is a market leading product in United Kingdom, Ireland and Scandinavian countries for both accountants and accounting departments who want to save time and reduce the costs of managing business documents throughout the organization. The significant growth experienced in the UK and Irish markets over the last three years can is explained by the increased awareness Finance Professionals have regarding the importance of automating invoice processing routines and, at the same time, have their document management processes seamlessly integrated with the their accounting data.

Currently being used within organisations from 1 user to over 250 users, PaperLess has provided significant time and cost saving benefits to many companies throughout Europe, helping them to better manage the whole routine from scanning or adding electronic documents to processing them in the accounting systems. The seamless integration with Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 200 Business Suite and Sage 200 Extra Online has turned PaperLess into the preferred choice for Sage users in the United Kingdom and Ireland, who understand the importance of not separating accounting data and accounting documents  for the success of any document management project.

PaperLess has proved to be a cost effective investment for many types of businesses, the combination of ease of use, innovation and flexibility makes it a valuable tool for your management and staff. Where time was previously lost searching in dusty files, copying, distributing or manually pushing a document from desk to desk now PaperLess has swept aside these headaches with easy to use searches and one-click forwarding.

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Sage Authorised Product 50cloud
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