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Free PaperLess Document Management for Sage Online DemoPaperLess makes sure businesses keep track of their documents in the document approval process. All business documents such as purchase invoices, holiday forms, travel expenses, purchase orders and quotations can be managed by PaperLess Document Approval.

The first thing businesses need to do is to manage all the documents electronically, both accounting and non-accounting. If your business is still processing paper documents manually, it is time to go paperless for a more effective document approval process.

Approving documents electronically speeds up the document approval process and avoids misunderstandings among colleagues. For accounting transactions such as purchase invoices, once the document approval process is complete, the person responsible can make a final check on the transactions and amend any accounting lines in the transaction voucher prior to posting into your accounting application.

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Take a look at the video or visit PaperLess Website to know more about PaperLess Document Approval for Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 200 Business Suite. 

Efficient document approval process that integrates with your existing accounting applications saves time and reduces risk. There is no need to save duplicate documents in different locations. PaperLess integrates with many accounting applications such as Sage 50, Sage 200, Mamut One, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and many more. Synchronisation happens instantly in the background. It is crucial for businesses to post transactions into their accounting applications straight after the document approval process in order to prevent any delay of the workflow process.

Businesses can also manage their non-accounting documents in a separate secure folder where flexible user rights are granted at different levels. Companies can give access to team members for documents in the Other Document Archive, meaning there is no need to compromise security in your accounting records. Your team is still able to collaborate effectively whilst avoid saving duplicated documents in multiple locations.

PaperLess centralised document management system enables businesses to complete their entire document approval process for both accounting and other documents securely and efficiently.

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