PaperLess Nationwide Campaign with Ashgoal in London area

PaperLess nationwide campaign has attracted many prospects of our business partners in the UK. In the past three months, PaperLess held accountants and business seminars at our Business Partners in Leeds, London area, Birmingham, Bolton, and Cheltenham. Visitors showed keen interest in PaperLess as a profitable Sage add-on solution. PaperLess manages all your paperwork from scanning and adding electronic documents to processing transactions directly into Sage 50 because PaperLess integrates seamlessly with Sage 50 Accounts.

Ashgoal SeminarPeter Guinn from Alliotts Chartered Accountants, attended PaperLess seminar at Ashgoal and commented on the PaperLess technology: “I was very impressed with the PaperLess software demonstration at Ashgoal last week. Document management technology continues to leap forward, and the possibility of our outsourcing department being able to receive scanned invoices from our clients and read them by OCR to the popular Sage 50 software is an exciting one.”

PaperLess offers tailored solutions for different business types so accountants and business owners can find the perfect solution to optimise their organisation efficiency. PaperLess ClientAccess products are designed for clients that prefer to work online and avoid having any software installed. Small business owners are able to work more efficiently and securely with their PaperLess Accountants online and vice versa using PaperLess ClientAccess products.

For businesses that would like to manage their own software, PaperLess Lite integrates with many small business accounting packages including Sage 50 Accounts. PaperLess Business is tailored for businesses that have more than 10 users.

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