How to register your VAT as early as possible in Sage with the new PaperLess Dispute Approval Method?

Free DemoThe new PaperLess Dispute Approval Method is allowing companies to make sure that their VAT is registered as early as possible in Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 200 Business Suite, giving them a better cash flow situation, while ensuring that companies’ costs are booked but not released for payment in Sage 50 Accounts or Sage 200 Business Suite until the last recipient in document flow has approved the invoices.

  • Automatically post invoices into Sage when sending for approval in PaperLess while having them automatically stopped for payment pending corrections and dispute resolution;
  • Improve cashflow situation by having VAT registered as early as possible in Sage 50 Accounts;
  • Complete audit trail of the entire approval process so that you can forever have easy access to what changes were made and by who;

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With PaperLess Approval Dispute Method any changes to accounting lines made during the approval process will automatically be posted as journal corrections. This way users can have updated supplier ledgers in Sage even if they are not sure on the correct nominal ledger accounts when sending the invoices for approval.

PaperLess will automatically manage everything.

A powerful new feature that will allow you to have all your transactions in Sage as soon as you receive the invoices but only send them for payment once all the information is verified and corrected. With the complete audit trail given by PaperLess Document Flow you will forever have easy access to what changes were made and by who.

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