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Click to find out more about this Sage Approved Software SolutionFully and seamlessly integrated  with Sage 50cloud, Sage 200cloud Professional, Sage 200cloud Standard and Sage 200 Extra Online, PaperLess Document Management software is rapidly becoming the top choice of thousands of Sage users to automate data input processes while having all accounting data and invoices directly attached to Sage in a simple, easy and automatic manner.

Automatic Invoice Data Capture, Automatic Invoice Scanning, Automatic Matching & Closing of POs in Sage, Online Invoice Approval together with Automatic Upload of Invoices into Sage are just some of the reasons why CFOs using Sage are choosing PaperLess Document Management App for Sage to:

  • Automate Invoice Scanning & Invoice Processing
  • Speed-up and Gain control over invoice approval processes
  • Automatically Attached Invoices to Transactions in Sage
  • Retrieve Invoices via a live Lookup of Invoices directly from Sage accounting lines

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PaperLess Document Management App for Sage, how does it work?

Automation is a key factor in the success achieved by PaperLess Document Management for Sage. With a built-in OCR Software for Sage that uses two layers of sophisticated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to recognise and automatically capture all relevant accounting data from your invoices, no more time needs to be spent on manually keying in accounting data into Sage.

PaperLess OCR Software for Sage handles multiple suppliers and multiple invoice formats. Businesses can run invoice recognition for Sage on multiple invoices at the same time, making invoice processing a simple, easy and fast process. With PaperLess Document Management you save time and reduce manual errors that always occur when manually keying in accounting data into Sage.

With thousands of Sage users across UK & Irelands, businesses are also using PaperLess to speed-up and gain control over invoice approval processes

PaperLess Online Invoice Approval Software for Sage gives you control over the entire Invoice Approval Process. When finished, you will get the Audit Trail of the entire Invoice Approval Process directly linked to the accounting lines of Sage 50cloud, Sage 200cloud Professional, Sage 200cloud Standard and Sage 200 Extra Online.

This means that by doing a simple look up of the document directly from Sage the corresponding Sage accounting lines, you have access to all information related to the approval process:

  • Who approved what
  • On which dates
  • What changes were made and by whom
  • Any relevant comments made during the approval process

PaperLess online invoice approval for Sage permits you to manage all the invoice approval and payment processes, enforce and streamline approvals for every bill and invoice received. Plus, there’s the bonus that all this can be done remotely.

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With PaperLess Document Management for Sage, Sage users can automate their invoice approval processes by setting automation rules based on Supplier, Project, Cost Code or Department. Together with PaperLess OCR Software for Sage, Sage users can now truly automate their document management processes, with data from invoices being automatically recognized by PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition to the moment invoices are automatically sent for approval.

Why to choose a Sage Approved App to Automate Your Document Management Processes?

Because by choosing a Sage Approved Add-On Sage users have the recognition from Sage UK themselves of the quality and excellence of the software solution they are implementing. This way, Sage users can be sure that PaperLess Document Management for Sage is a well-tested and resilient software that integrates seamlessly with their Sage accounting package, currently used by thousands of Sage users on a daily basis.

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With the certification of PaperLess for Sage 50 and Sage 200 Sage UK makes official what so many finance professionals from so many companies using Sage already knew, that PaperLess is the best way finance professionals have to manage all their accounting documents because it offers powerful features that are not found anywhere else in the market, like PaperLess Company Inbox allowing Sage users to automatically process all invoices received by email directly into Sage including automatic matching and closing of Purchase Orders.

… so much more than a simple Document Management Solution, with all the quality that only a Sage Developer Partner can offer…

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