Paray bets in a completely digital concept with UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess

Paul Van der Baan, founder of Paray, has recently launched a new concept – Filans – that offers entirely digitally online administrative services at a competitive price, making optimum use of the capabilities of UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess. The company focus its activity on freelancers and entrepreneurs, a group that Van der Baan describes as a ‘neglected’.

Van der Baan finds that not all the SMEs need to have an expensive accountant working for them, because the role of the accountant is more advisory and supervisory than executive: “80 percent of The Netherland SMEs may now have better and cheaper accounting records, stating that we offer the same services and quality levels for a cheaper rate. So we go against the established order of things.”

  • Everything delivered in digital format
  • Send invoices via the Internet 24 hours a day
  • Invoice Recognition software – all it takes is a photo
  • Company differentiation offering competitive prices
  • A new concept where everything is digital and live

The aim of the new concept where everything is digital is to: sign up online and deliver everything digital. The responsible says that thanks to UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess there’s no need for more paper “you do not have to keep your receipts… everything can be delivered digitally: invoices, but also restaurant receipts.” To deliver their records digitally via the internet 24 hours a day, clients only need to have a scanner or a smartphone. “Currently for 50 euros you can have a good scanner and nowadays everyone has a smartphone.”

The responsible explains: “One advantage of UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess is that you can work with recognition software and you can arrange so that the software knows what kind of invoice that is. The clients only have to scan the document, send it and then it is already in his records. As simple as that.”

Smartphone apps

Smartphones can also be used to take full advantage of Unit4 Multivers PaperLess by simply having the clients taking a picture of their documents, which can then be associated to the corresponding transaction. A process that allows all transactions to have their documents attached in a simple and easy way.

Price fighter

The playful design of Filans website allows users to easily estimate their costs by filling quantity and sales invoices, being that the price is independent of the number of receipts or bank statements. With a minimum – fixed price – of 73€ per month, Filans considers itself as a true price fighter. “And we really do everything: the administration, the sales tax, the annual report and the tax return.”

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