Leading Provider of International Management Services increases Productivity by 50% with Invoice Processing for Sage


Bénédicte Mermet at Frenger International

Higher data accuracy, less time spent printing and storing invoices, lookup of accounting documents directly from within Sage are among some of the main benefits of PaperLess Invoice Processing Software for Sage identified by Frenger International. With 50% increase on productivity levels the representative of the leading provider of International Development & Management of Foreign Subsidiaries Services, Bénédicte Mermet, considers that “PaperLess has brought filing into the 21st century.”

With a large number of purchase invoices to process on a daily basis, Frenger needed a solution that would allow the company to reduce time spent on manual data entry and that, at the same time, would increase data accuracy levels. PaperLess was the solution that offered this and a lot more, including the automatic link of documents to transactions in Sage and the retrieval of documents via a simple lookup from within Sage.

With the implementation of PaperLess Invoice Management software Frenger’s team no longer have to spend time on either archiving documents, since this is now done automatically by PaperLess, or on having to go through the paper archive to find documents since retrieval is now done via a simple lookup from within Sage. “A unique feature of PaperLess software that I could not find on any other document management provider,” says Bénédicte Mermet.


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A successful implementation project that the company considers to have been very easy and simple, with PaperLess Europe fixing the only issue the client experienced that was related to problems with the tax codes. Something that shows the importance given by PaperLess Europe to the continuous development and improvement of the Document Management and Invoice Processing solutions currently being used by thousands of Sage users across UK and Ireland.

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Frenger International estimates that PaperLess brought significant savings in areas such as data entry, reconciliations, printing and filing “allowing more time for more productive and meaningful tasks” says Mermet. The company representative adds that “the speedy access to the invoices allows faster answer to clients and auditors” and with time used more efficiently, internal resources can be used for other projects rather than concentrated on a particular client. “

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