How are Sage users coping with the increasing number of invoices they need to process?

Click to visit SiteEquip websiteDue to the large number of invoices received on a daily basis, Site Equip had the need to implement a Document Management Solution that would enable the company to streamline Accounts Payable Processes. However, with the company using Sage 50 it was vital that the document management software to be implemented could ensure full compatibility with this Sage product.

The Challenge – Automating Management of Sage Disputes

Additionally, Site Equip would also need this software to be able to handle approvals and automatically manage disputes in Sage. This, to ensure that invoices were visible in Sage as soon as they were received but only payable once approved.

The challenge for the company was to guarantee that invoices were not paid before being approved by the relevant people. Something that with people spread across multiple sites, was not easy.

The Solution – PaperLess Document Management for Sage

Offering a seamless integration with Sage, a powerful OCR Software fully compatible with Sage and an Online Invoice Approval System capable of automatically managing invoices in dispute in Sage, PaperLess Document Management was the obvious choice to Site Equip.

The Results – Streamlined Accounts Payable Processes

Just on time spent on scanning invoices, Site Equip estimates that the company reduced the cost of one additional member of the team one day per week. At the same time, by having all invoices in one place, PaperLess enabled the company to significantly streamline accounts payable processes.

Streamlining accounts payable processes for Sage is the reason why PaperLess Document Management for Sage was developed and also why the Accounts Team at Site Equip like the software so much.

With PaperLess, Site Equip’s Accounts Teams no longer have to manually process invoices. PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition for Sage automatically captures invoice data and invoices can be automatically pushed through to Sage 50.

PaperLess is also extensively used to approve invoices. For Site Equip, PaperLess Invoice Approval for Sage 50 works really well, especially for the ‘straightforward’ invoices that do not need to be placed in dispute.

As to disputed invoices, in order to avoid approving a disputed invoice by mistake – which can happen when approvers do not read the comments on the invoice – the approvals team would like to have the option to park disputed invoices on a separate archive until any issues are solved. A different way of approving invoices that had already been taken into consideration by PaperLess when developing Invoice Approval for Sage 50.

Once Site Equip starts using PaperLess Dispute Method, they can have PaperLess automatically posting into Sage all invoices sent for approval in PaperLess, while having them automatically stopped for payment pending corrections and dispute resolution. Then, once approvers make the required changes, PaperLess automatically removes the dispute flag from Sage so that invoices can be paid.

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