Ecovis avoids the hassle of dealing with paperwork with PaperLess ClientAccess

Ecovis is a leading global consulting firm with its origins in Continental Europe. It has over 4,000 people operating in more than 50 countries. Its consulting focus and core competencies lie in the areas of tax consultation, auditing, legal advice and accounting and management consulting services.

All members of the team at Ecovis Malta are trained to give the client personal attention and provide a one-stop-shop service to their clients. The experience of the partners and staff in the business, tax and corporate compliance combined with the international partners experience in their individual jurisdictions provide our local and international clients with holistic support to the small and medium sized enterprises.

Business Challenge

Over the years, we have found it time consuming for different people to be involved in the workflow process. Our staff needed to liaise with different departments and exchange email threads back and forth for approval. Misunderstandings among colleagues often caused inefficient workflow process.

Our clients needed to be able to run an efficient internal system without their paperwork getting lost or delayed from getting into the postal system. Documents can often end up in the wrong places. We had to frequently travel to our clients’ premises and interrupt their working days for auditing processes. Travel expenses and extra working hours are unavoidable.

“Workflow approvals for purchase invoices make it very quick for our clients to manage their own paperwork, and ensure that invoices are paid on time. The accounts can then be kept up to date by our team in the office. Clients can organise themselves more efficiently when using PaperLess, which helps us keep accurate accounts quickly.” – Anthony Vella, Ecovis Malta Director

The PaperLess Solution

PaperLess ClientAccess is very useful for our clients who can scan and upload documents for us to process. It really helps us as we see all the documents that we need to without the hassle of dealing with paperwork. None of the documents ever go missing which really makes a difference to our working relationship with the clients. This also saves their time when they need to see the documents.

PaperLess enables different people in the company to be involved in the same process within one workspace. We can approve documents with comments and send them to our colleagues or clients online efficiently and securely.

The PaperLess solution reduces our manual data entry and human errors significantly, so our accountants can now spend valuable time on higher priority tasks and meeting deadlines.

Key Benefits

Automatic invoice recognition makes it easier to extract the data from purchase invoices. PaperLess also picks up any duplicate invoices and this helps avoid wasting time when clients send in duplicate documents. It is very quick to find a document when we need to, the search function means that we can find a document within seconds.

Simple things like the comment box available for each document editing help us communicate with our clients about the transactions we are posting for them.

PaperLess has made our work more profitable. We use PaperLess with our Audit Management Application Caseware. The entire audit process becomes beautifully efficient for the auditors. It also saves our travelling time and expenses. Our clients find it fascinating because we no longer need to visit their premises and interrupt their working days.

“My clients appreciate the way they can see every document with the transaction when they use PaperLess. That way they never have to phone me up to ask me to send them a copy document. They just find what they need quickly and simply.” – Desiree Camilleri, Ecovis Accountant

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