PaperLess has the vision of improving the efficiency of accounting systems by using automatic invoice recognition, electronic document flow and archiving, allowing users to fully automate their document management processes.

PaperLess Europe was born in Norway in 1997 and since then  has developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the efficient management of document workflow and is now installed in over 1.700 businesses throughout Europe.

PaperLess has proved to be a cost effective investment for many types of business. The combination of ease of use, innovation and flexibility makes PaperLess a valuable tool for your management and staff. Where time was previously lost searching in dusty files, copying, distributing or manually pushing a document from desk to desk now PaperLess has swept aside these headaches with easy to use searches and one-click forwarding.

The increasing awareness from Accountants, Bookkeepers, CFO’s and many other Finance professionals for the importance of automating document management processes and speed-up invoice processing routines, led to the significant growth experienced by PaperLess software over the past years and has placed PaperLess Europe as one of the key players for the document management area across Europe.

PaperLess Capture to Process MethodologyPaperLess Europe has replaced the traditional and outdated Scan to Archive methodology with the Process to Archive methodology, reducing processing steps by 40%, allowing companies to increase productivity and profitability levels while offering a distinctive and competitive offer.

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