PaperLess Europe nominated official Referral Partner with Sage Ireland

The quality and advantages for Sage users of the seamless integration between PaperLess and Sage developed by PaperLess Europe was recognized by Sage Ireland which have just signed a Referral Agreement with PaperLess Europe.

By becoming a Referral Partner with Sage, PaperLess will now have the opportunity to show the document management solution to Sage Clients and Business Partners in official events promoted by Sage Ireland as well as to be recommended directly from Sage whenever one of their clients or business partners shows interest in finding a solution to efficiently manage all their accounting related documents.

For Vincent Fitzpatrick, Sage Business Partner Account Manager, “the way PaperLess document management solution integrates with Sage software, the quality of the solution offered and the degree of document management automation it offers to Sage clients by reducing manual data input and allowing them to even make the look-up of documents directly from within Sage, are some of the reasons why PaperLess Europe was chosen as referral partner and is being introduced to both Sage clients and Sage Business Partners as a document management solution they should look into.”

Take a look at the video to see how this works?

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