New Customer from Northern Ireland

While everyone is busy with buying Christmas presents and setting up their giant Yule-trees, PaperLess welcomes a new customer introduced by our Business Partner MCS Group in Northern Ireland. Steve Boyes from MCS Group said: “We have successfully implemented the PaperLess software at client’s site. After the training sessions, the customer now is very confident in using PaperLess fully integrated to their Sage 50 application. The advantage of using PaperLess integrated to Sage is that features such as Automatic Invoice Recognition and Document Approval give incredible savings in admin labour.”

Founded while at university in 1993 by Paul Trouton, MCS Group was the first company in Northern Ireland to be awarded the prestigious Sage “Circle of Excellence Award”, a recognition of outstanding customer service. Their customer is a well-known caravans company that offers eco friendly camping holiday as one of their many services. It is located minutes away from beautiful beaches in Portrush. Using the PaperLess software enables them to manage their work flow in a more efficient and secure way.

At PaperLess, non-accounting documents are securely managed in a separate archive, with complete control of user rights so your data remains secure. Remote access means that all functionality is available via the Internet, running one small file with no requirement for software installation.

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