Only one major obstacle stands in the way of a PaperLess office – and it is not technology. It is resistance to re-structuring business processes to accommodate such a switch.

Businesses are looking for an efficient and user-friendly solution for going PaperLess. Going PaperLess allows business to improve bookkeeping efficiency  and at the same time save time on document management processes and reducing manual data entry.

For many businesses the task of searching for documents is a costly and time consuming exercise. Important documents can be lost, defaced, torn or left under a pile of other paperwork.

PaperLess Document Management scans your documents on receipt, keeping them secure within your organization. PaperLess distributes invoices requiring approval to the right people at the right time in a process that you control.

Full Compatibility with Sage 50, Sage 200, Sage Intacct and SAP B1

By using PaperLess you can manage the time allowed for approval with alerts and reminders. This ensures that their will be no more delays for the accounts department creating those all-important management reports.

You can also easily fully automate your document management processes with PaperLess Company Inbox. A powerful feature that automates invoice processing routines by setting automation rules to invoices received on email.

PaperLess integrates seamlessly with your accounting system allowing you to easily manage invoices and have them linked to transactions. 

Going PaperLess is Simple, Smart & Secure

PaperLess manages all your accounting routines from scanning and bookkeeping preparation to archiving. With PaperLess, you can lookup invoices  straight from your accounting application, allowing you to quickly find exactly what you are looking for and avoid wasting time switching from program to program.

PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition allows you to save time and money by reducing the manual entry of accounting data. With a success rate of around 80% the PaperLess’ Automatic Invoice Recognition ensures that all the data is process rapidly and with higher accuracy levels, since it is no longer subject to human error. Save time and money by significantly reducing the amount of manual data entry for inputting accounting lines.

The PaperLess non-accounting document archive means that you and your colleagues can collaborate on documents, archive documentation and easily retrieve documents when you need them using the comprehensive search features of the metadata stored with each document.

So what stands in the way of a PaperLess office?

Only one major obstacle stands in the way of a PaperLess office – and it is not technology. It is resistance to re-structuring business processes to accommodate such a switch. Our know-how of more than 15 years operating across the European continent allows us to help you make that transition smoothly and to take full advantage of the entire potential PaperLess software has to offer.

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