Mark Heem expects to save 15,000€ per year with Unit4 Multivers PaperLess

Mark Heem is using UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess to accelerate the payment process and eliminate mistakes. The care centre institution with offices in Doetinchem and Bronckhorst municipalities expects to save 15,000€ annually, through digitization.

Mark Heem is responsible for six care centres that annually produce around 6,300 invoices and adding to this all the paperwork of four hundred daily meals. In the past these invoices had to be approved by several people (the central administration and regional centres) using the traditional post method, which made the internal accounts payable process to last between one and a half to two weeks. Adding to this, there was no understanding of where the invoices were from and the chances of losing documents were very high.

To face these problems the institution decided to investigate on ways to improve the invoice approval process. The solution chosen was UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess, which can be linked to the UNIT4 Multivers administration software the institution was already using.  The main reasons for the choice were the software user-friendliness and the way it allowed to easily get an overview on the entire accounting process.

  • Reduce the invoices processing time for hours instead of weeks
  • Simple to use allowing a complete overview of the entire accounting process
  • Automatic data updates & notifications
  • Automatic workflows for a better performance
  • Identification of all people involved in the accounting process

Immediately after scanning paper invoices UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess automatically updates the system with all the data captured from the invoices and sends an email to the person responsible, notifying him that he needs to confirm the data entered by the system. After the verification process and eventual corrections, the information is uploaded and the process is closed. On approval of accounting documents the software will also identify the people and suppliers involved in the process, so that there is always an understanding of what that invoice is about.

With the UNIT4 PaperLess solution the processing time of an invoice can be reduced to fifteen hours rather than weeks.

Ruud Kampshoff, Mark Heem’s Head of Financial Accounting & ICT: “Within Mark Heem there was a great frustration regarding the supplier invoice management process. It took too long, we did not know where the invoices were and sometimes we had to keep looking for them, which led to additional costs. We wanted a solution that would accelerate the process. UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess clearly stood above all the other solutions that we have analysed. “

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