Leading UK Construction Company, GPF Lewis, streamlines purchase invoice and document approval processes by going PaperLess

Exceeding all client’s expectation, PaperLess software originated savings and increased productivity levels across the entire company. A project that went even further with the development of a brand new integration between PaperLess and EQUE2 Construction for Sage 50 Accounts, giving answer to GPF Lewis and many other construction companies’ needs.

Aiming at speeding up processing times while increasing data accuracy levels and, at the same time, stop the posting of duplicate invoices and reduce travelling costs, GPF Lewis made the strategic move of going PaperLess. For this leading construction and property services company, the fact that PaperLess is a Sage Developer together with the quality of the service provided, the competitive pricing and the seamless integration between PaperLess and Sage 50 Accounts were among some of the main factors that led to the choice of PaperLess.

“Our original aims were exceeded as the software brought numerous positive side effects.”

Graham Tallman, GPF Lewis Infrastructure & Systems Manager

Operating within the construction sector with several branch offices and an increasing number of remote workers spread across UK, one of the challenges faced by GPF Lewis was to find a way to reduce the costs associated with all the travelling remote staff had to do just to authorize hard copy invoices and the associated delays that was causing. At the same time, the company wanted to find a solution to increase the capacity of purchase ledger staff while eliminating lost paperwork and duplicate invoices.

A complex set of needs to which PaperLess was able to give answer to, even exceeding the company’s expectations. PaperLess enabled GPF Lewis to approve all documents remotely in an effortlessly manner, keeping the complete audit trail of the entire approval process directly linked to Sage as well as to provide real time information on the status of all documents. The company staff can now review and authorise costs quickly, enabling them to focus more time on operations that generate more revenue to the business.

PaperLess Document Management_GPF Lewis Case Study

The seamless integration between PaperLess and Sage together with PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition have, at the same time, allowed the company to automate data entry processes, increasing data accuracy levels and preventing any duplicate invoice from being posted into Sage without users being informed, which was one of the challenges the company faced.

“GPF Lewis plc is a leader in the UK Construction Industry with exceptional rates of growth in an extremely competitive market that demands a high level of efficiency & speed.  As the business expanded the systems have been adapted to allow for new branch offices as well as increasing number of remote home workers,” says Graham Tallman, GPF Lewis Infrastructure & Systems Manager, adding that “I took the lead role to find a software system to streamline our purchase invoice processing systems and PaperLess fit all our requirements, and more.”

Although hard to quantify the savings and productivity gains are reflected across the entire company with the Accounts team now being able to deal with increased workloads without adding staff, due to the fact that with data input automation processing documents is much faster than before and the number of errors have also been significantly reduced. Besides this, many remote staff are now able to review, code and authorise invoices remotely without travelling, saving GPF Lewis time and money while increasing the company’s productivity and competitiveness levels.

When it comes to storage and retrieval of documents, the company is saving archive space with a significant reduction in hard copy paperwork to file / store and also saving time on retrieving documents, since they can now be accessed directly from within Sage or from PaperLess Accounting Archive which, with a set of powerful search features, enables users to find any document in seconds.

“Our original aims were exceeded as the software brought numerous positive side effects” says Tallman. The company Infrastructure & Systems Manager also stresses the fact that the installation, setup & training was dealt with very quickly and effectively, considering the client installations very simple and the training for accounts team comprehensive while the training for staff to authorise invoices to be very quick and easy.

EQUE2 Construction for Sage 50 Accounts – When GPF Lewis challenged PaperLess to take the integration even further…

With the results achieved exceeding the client’s expectations, GPF Lewis challenged PaperLess on helping them streamline their processes even further. This would be done by developing an integration with EQUE2 Construction for Sage 50 Accounts which the company had purchased to replace Sage job costings.

Wanting and needing to keep the benefits of PaperLess whilst processing data through EQUE2 and since this software did not allow them to retain the advantages gained with PaperLess, the client challenged PaperLess to develop an integration that would give answer not only to their needs but to the needs of all construction companies using the EQUE2 Construction module for Sage 50 Accounts.

“After careful analysis and following our mission of continuous development and improvement of PaperLess software, we decided that if this is what our client needed in order to take full advantage of PaperLess software then we would do it” says Torben Halvorsen, Co-Owner of PaperLess software. Halvorsen adds that “…it was a challenge but also an opportunity because by working side by side with GPF Lewis and EQUE2 we were able to develop a solution that gives the best possible answer to the very specific needs companies operating within the construction sector have, something that would have taken a lot more time if we had to do it without the market know-how that both GPF Lewis and EQUE2 have.”

Adding to the many benefits pointed out by GPF Lewis, the company also stresses that with the new integration coding costs is now much easier and reliable than before and they expect the development to continue with take-up from other clients.

In fact, since the integration was developed more and more construction companies using Sage have been contacting PaperLess to know more about how to streamline their document management processes. Currently new installations of Paperless for EQUE2 Construction for Sage 50 Accounts are already scheduled and more developments are on the rise, giving answer to GPF Lewis expectations.

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