Alpha Business Services increases efficiency and profitability levels with PaperLess software

As a firm of Chartered Management Accountants in West Midlands, Alpha Business Services has over 20 years’ experience working in large, medium and small companies in senior management and financial positions. We serve clients locally in Dudley and throughout the West Midlands, Shropshire and Worcestershire as well as supporting many clients remotely throughout the U.K. We provide a full financial support service for businesses.

We started using PaperLess software in January 2013 and we have 5 accountants in the practice using PaperLess with our clients.

Business Challenge

The challenge for us was to improve both the efficiency and profitability of the work we do for our clients, whilst enabling our clients to share documents with us securely and efficiently.

We have large bookkeeping clients who are located hundreds of miles away, so posting documents from the clients to our offices and then processing them can be time consuming, frustrating and costly. Documents can often end up in the wrong places.

Our clients needed to be able to run an efficient internal system without their paperwork getting lost or delayed from getting into the postal system.

Over the years, we have tried some different solutions without success. Before we tried PaperLess we had been unable to solve the challenges we faced and with an increasing amount of paperwork, we started to have problems with storage of papers which becomes a risk of liability in the firm.

“Thanks to PaperLess, we have been able to work with our clients more efficiently. We no longer spend extra time on tedious manual data entry and our clients are very happy with the improvement of services we now provide them.” – Alan Moore, Accountant, Alpha Business Services

The PaperLess Solution

PaperLess ClientAccess helps us to work more efficiently and securely with our clients. We find it much easier to manage all our practice documents and working papers within one workspace. PaperLess integrates with Sage 50 Accounts so we can securely exchange documents with clients via the Internet. The PaperLess solution reduced our manual data entry and human errors significantly, so our accountants can now spend valuable time on higher priority tasks and meeting deadlines.

As a PaperLess Business Partner, Century Software is dedicated to offering their clients the best accounting solution in the West Midlands. Century Software is a Sage Platinum Partner in Sage 50 & ACT! As well as a Sage Strategic Partner. In January, Century Software successfully implemented PaperLess at our offices and trained both our accountants and clients. Our clients can now benefit from the PaperLess ClientAccess products and work more efficiently with us as PaperLess Accountants.

“PaperLess is a valuable Sage add-on solution that manages both your accounting and business documents within one centralised workspace. This helps your business save time, increase profit, and reduce risk.” – James Dignan, Managing Director, Century Software

Key Benefits

Our clients are now using PaperLess to upload files and scanned documents, add comments to document images, run automatic invoice recognition on invoices, approve documents and transfer them to us for processing. We can then post the transaction into Sage 50 Accounts with the relevant documents directly from PaperLess. It has made our accountants’ jobs a lot easier by removing the daily frustration of trying to communicate with clients on missing papers and spending lots of time on manual data entry.

Our clients are happy as they now have a full approval system for their purchasing and they now have access to all documents and transactions via the Internet. PaperLess has provided us with a comprehensive document management solution that has empowered our practice to improve efficiency and increase customer loyalty.

PaperLess was up and running in one day for Alpha Business Services. The training for document approval users was only about 15 minutes and training for administration users was a few hours. We would have no hesitation to recommend PaperLess. It is simple, smart, and secure to use. You do not have to be an IT expert to use PaperLess as our accountants, bookkeepers and clients were all up and running with PaperLess really quickly.

“PaperLess software saves us a lot of time and hassle because we can now add documents and transfer them to Alpha accountants via the Internet. We can also approve documents internally before sending to accountants for posting and payment.” – Mark Pearson, Owner, Markco Media

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