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How is Real Group increasing invoice processing speeds with PaperLess and LandLord Manager’s unique integration with Sage?

The use of PaperLess has helped tremendously… We can now see when the document was received, added to the system and the workflow allows the authorisation to be controlled…

Gary Robinson, Real Group’s Director

The joint effort between PaperLess and LandLord Manager allowed Real Group to increase invoice processing speeds while maintain full control over the approval of documents across multiple locations… all this seamlessly integrated with Sage 50 Accounts.

With Real Group having activity in two separate offices and the finance function centralized in one office, the company soon realized that suppliers were sending invoices to both offices and that invoices were getting lost or being duplicated between the offices. Besides this, the invoices needed to be authorised by people at both locations and these routines were leading to confusion and lack of control.

Real Group’s representative, Gary Robinson, had already used a document management solution in the past and felt that this was what the company needed in order to gain control over their documents. The challenge was that since they were using Sage together with the property management software, LandLord Manager, Real Group needed to find a solution that would offer them a seamless integration with these two applications, so that they could really streamline processes without having to re-key information.

Being a Sage Developer, PaperLess Europe offered the seamless integration with Sage that Real Group was looking for. With PaperLess Document Management for Sage, Real Group now has full visibility over the status of their invoices, when they arrived, when they were authorised and what comments and notes were made by the different people involved in the approval process.

Due to the client’s unique needs, PaperLess took the integration even further and, together with LandLord Manager, made the necessary developments to ensure that Real Group could process property/supplier invoices via Landlord Manager so that landlord sales invoices could be created automatically, with no need to re-key the information.

Although there would have been benefits as a stand-alone solution, the system would not be so efficient. For that reason, PaperLess and LandLord Manager joint efforts to make the necessary developments to ensure the best results to the client and at the same time make the integration with LandLord Manager available to many other Real Estate and Letting agents using LandLord Manager together with Sage accounting software.

Gary Robinson, Real Group’s Representative, considers that “the use of paperless has helped tremendously… We can now see when the document was received, added to the system and the workflow allows the authorisation to be controlled…” something particularly important to this client who needs to have invoices approved across multiple locations and was struggling to keep control over this process.

The increased control over the invoice processing routines allowed Real Group to significantly reduce the number of duplicate and lost invoices while at the same time increase the invoice approval speed. With no more need for boxing up documents, PaperLess has also allowed the company to reduce copying, printing, filing and storage costs.

“We are extremely happy with Real Group’s feedback… from the first moment our goal was to help this client dealing with the issues he faced and we are happy that we managed to do so,” says Torben Halvorsen, PaperLess Europe’s co-owner, adding that “ it was a win-win situation, by working together with LandLord Manager we not only helped our client but also improved our software, making sure that  PaperLess is the right solution for any Real Estate or Letting Agent who wants a software that offers a lot more than a simple document archive solution.”

The satisfaction level achieved by this client is quite clear when Robinson tells us that they “would not like to go back to the old system.” Real Group’s representative also sees the retrieval of documents directly from Sage as another great benefit brought by PaperLess and that differentiates this software from all others, saying that “we can open the document directly from Sage and email it out if needed, no need to go to a file.”

Halvorsen also adds that “…many of the challenges Real Group faced are experienced by many other Real Estate and Letting Agents using LandLord Manager software… it is our strong belief that the integration developed will help many other LandLord Manager clients to automate their document management processes and increase their invoice processing speeds.”

PaperLess and LandLord Manager integration is specifically tailored to Real Estate and Letting Agents using LandLord Manager, giving them a unique tool to increase invoice processing speeds and automate document management processes. These are key factors for companies operating in a fast-paced environment, where gains in productivity levels are essential to ensure sustainable business growth and companies’ success.

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