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How Crowe’s Farms increased Invoice Processing Speeds by 25%?

Established in 1981, Crowe’s Farm produces a range of Outdoor Reared pigs and Organic poultry which is sold throughout Ireland and the UK.

Crowe’s Farm required a solution that provided them with a comprehensive solution for all their paperwork. The company was looking at a system that would allow them to centrally manage all documents and, at the same time, reduce the requirement for physical storage.

For Crowe’s Farm it was also important to be able to easily find and retrieve documents, so that no more time would need to be spent on such processes.

PaperLess’ integration with Sage was one of the key factors that led to the choice of this Sage Approved Document Management Software. This enabled the company to cut down on processing times for invoicing and accounts.

“We achieved approximately 25% reduction in invoice and paperwork filing and posting hours.”

TJ Crowe, Crowe’s Farm

At the same time, as a Document Management System fully compatible with Sage, PaperLess also acts as a central repository for all documents. With PaperLess all documents can be easily retrieved and linked to other documents, which was one the customer’s initial requirements.

PaperLess can easily manage all documents received at Crowe Meats, either digital or in paper format. At the same time, all users of PaperLess can merge delivery dockets with Invoices to allow easy matching

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These were just a few of the initial goals achieved by Crowe’s Farms with the implementation of PaperLess Software. It is time to have a talk with TJ Crowe from Crowe’s farms to better understand the results achieved with the implementation of PaperLess Document Management for Sage.

For other companies considering implementing PaperLess, what do you consider to be the main gains PaperLess brought to Crowe’s Farms?

That is quite simple and I would like to start by the most obvious one which is the increased efficiency in Accounts. This is largely due to the seamless integration with Sage which allows us to have invoice data automatically captured by PaperLess, then our Accounts Team simply review the accounting data suggested by PaperLess and post it to Sage.

Whenever PaperLess posts a transaction to Sage it also automatically attaches the document to Sage.

Such level of integration is something that we have only seen in PaperLess and with this feature our Accounts Team do not have to be manually filing invoices or spend lots of time on retrieving them. Everything is accessible directly from Sage transactions lines.

We currently use PaperLess as a full digital document management system and not just for accounting documents. PaperLess is a software developed in a way that even contracts, statements and all other types of documents can be easily stored and retrieved.

Numbers speak for themselves, with PaperLess we achieved approximately 25% reduction in invoice and paperwork filing and posting hours. This gives us the ability to use staff for additional activities where they would normally have been tied up with Accounts.

The increased staff efficiency also led to improved customer service with a quick turnaround in queries. This is vital for any company and we feel PaperLess played an important role on this.

Paperless has provided a comprehensive document management system allowing an increased efficiency across our Accounts.  Its seamless integration with Sage provides an easy-to-use solution alongside a central document storage with easy documents merging and backup.

TJ Crowe, Crowe’s Farm

What were the key distinctive factors that differentiated PaperLess?

The seamless integration between PaperLess and Sage was definitely one of the key factors. This, together with the ease of use and a powerful set of accounts payable automation functionalities that enabled us to achieve 25% time savings, are among some of the factors that led us to choose PaperLess.

Also, important to mention how easy it was to train our staff on how to use PaperLess. This made possible for our team to start using the software right after the initial training session.

PaperLess is also an environmentally friendly solution which, nowadays, should be a concern for any company but especially for us working in a sector that is severely impacted by climate change.

What features of PaperLess do you consider to be the most important on achieving such automation levels?

Well, first and foremost the integration with Sage. This has significantly cut down on processing times for invoicing and accounts.

Any accounting document that we bring into PaperLess, whether it is an invoice, credit note, etc. is easily processed within PaperLess and, on posting to Sage, PaperLess automatically links the documents to the corresponding transactions.

This is done instantly without our team having to run any imports of CSV files or having to wait for the transaction and documents to be visible in Sage.

At the same time, PaperLess is also our Document Management System so it is the central repository for all documents. This has enabled us to easily store and retrieve all different types of documents, saving us lots of time and also the hassle of losing documents or spend hours looking for them.

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