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Eventura increases efficiency levels in 30% with PaperLess software

Eventura is a complete technology service provider based in the UK that has built up an enviable reputation for providing innovative, cost effective IT solutions and business systems to organisations of all sizes, across a range of industries.

As a growing organisation, Eventura no longer had the space for multiple filing cabinets filled with paper copies of contracts, purchase invoices and other important documents. Besides, according to Chris Houghton – Eventura’s owner – “processes were lacking efficiency and were highly time consuming for staff.”

The company required a robust solution that saved time and increased efficiency across the entire organisation and for the accounts department in particular. Based on the experience acquired through more than 1700 installations across Europe, PaperLess implemented its PaperLess Business for Sage 200 Business Suite software, a solution that allows a seamless integration with Sage 200, enabling Eventura to easily post, manage and find invoices on Sage 200 and to set workflows for documents approval, keeping track of every stage of the process.

After using PaperLess software for almost 12 months, Chris Houghton states that “…in this time the efficiency of data management has increased and the otherwise time consuming accounts and administrative processes have become much faster.” A consensual opinion across the entire company as shown by Scott Gibson – Eventura’s Consultancy Director – that says “…compared to any competitor PaperLess is just more value for money.”

  • Automatic matching and closing of Purchase Orders in Sage 200 with discrepancy handling
  • Seamless & fast integration with Sage 200 Business Suite
  • 30% increase in efficiency within the administrative and finance team
  • Post, manage and find invoices on Sage 200 with automatic workflows for document approval
  • Posting documents from PaperLess directly into Sage 200 Business Suite
  • Automatic Invoice Recognition – less time spent on data input and less human errors
  • Gaining competitive advantages and differentiation factors
  • Reduction in operational costs across the entire company

For Eventura the automatic matching and closing of Purchase Orders in Sage 200 based on automatic recognised supplier invoice is one of the most important and distinctive features PaperLess software offers, allowing Amy Jones, Eventura’s Financial Controller “…to save lots of time and manual steps when performing this important and before PaperLess time consuming part of my work.” Torben Halvorsen at PaperLess also stresses the importance that “… automatic invoice recognition with more than 90% success rate” has to Eventura, a really valued feature that “prevents human errors and saves valuable time, increasing productivity levels across the entire company.” The seamless and fast integration with Sage software is also something vital for the company, making the entire integration process easy and efficient.

Besides Sage 200 Business Suite, PaperLess software is also already integrated with numerous other accounting systems, such as: Sage 50 Accounts, SoftOne Professional, UNIT4 Multivers, DI-Business, Mamut Business One, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX, Exact Globe and Eyesel Business Suite.

PaperLess software and the results achieved

Right from the start Eventura was able to clearly identify the benefits of PaperLess software and the seamless integration between PaperLess and Sage was what sparked the initial attraction. “As a Sage Business Partner and Developer, Eventura realised the necessity of having a solution that fully integrates with the current system and this set PaperLess apart from its competitors…” says Chris Houghton, adding that “the service received from staff at PaperLess is second to none with clear explanations, support and expert advice.”

The support provided by PaperLess right from the start also played a vital role for Eventura’s choice. In fact, from the very beginning and due to the vast experience and know-how acquired through hundreds of projects implemented across Europe, PaperLess was able to quickly and easily understand the way in which Eventura wanted to use PaperLess software. To make sure that the best results were achieved, a senior PaperLess staff member visited the Eventura site for two days to assist team members with installation, training and configuration, ensuring that it was tailored to best suit Eventura’s specific requirements.

  • Improved supplier relationships
  • Increased efficiency in completing Purchase Orders
  • Extra time to be spent on completing client projects rather than administrative task
  • Improved the level of communication across the entire organisation
  • Documents easily accessible at the touch of a button
  • Better service quality levels and client satisfaction
  • Management of a higher number of tasks with the same resources

Torben Halvorsen considers the support provided to clients “as something vital in every stage of the process, from the implementation where we need to know the client needs and business specificities, to the customer support provided afterwards. Actually, this is one of the key elements that set us apart from our competitors and that explains why we have so many clients that are with us from the very first beginning of PaperLess.” Something that is confirmed by Joey Deehan – Eventura’s Sage Consultant – that says that “when we have required support, the staff at PaperLess have been more than happy to help, providing excellent levels of customer service…. so you know that your organisation matters to them.”

According to Chris Houghton in less than one year “…a 30% increase in efficiency within the administrative and finance team has been achieved.” But the gains go far beyond that, PaperLess has resulted in improved supplier relationships through increased efficiency in completing Purchase Orders. The time saved has allowed extra time to be spent on completing client projects rather than administrative tasks and at the same time Eventura has also improved the level of communication across the entire organisation, knitting the team together more closely.
Eventura started noticing the results right from the moment PaperLess software was implemented, with increasingly higher efficiency levels within the accounting and administrative processes as the manual data entry and human errors have been significantly reduced. “Our accounts department can now spend valuable time on other tasks, allowing them to easily meet deadlines and gain a greater level of control,” says Chris Houghton.

The satisfaction levels with PaperLess software across the entire company are extremely high, as shown by Amy Jones – Eventura’s Financial Controller – statement: “PaperLess has made my role as the Financial Controller so much easier as at the touch of a button I am able to access important documents. My time can now be better spent on other important tasks, allowing me to meet deadlines with ease.”

For Chris Houghton “the fact that files can easily be accessed across the organisation due to the document archive function has increased the efficiency of other processes within the organisation, allowing our technical consultants to focus on providing an unbeatable service to our clients.”

The combination of all the PaperLess benefits and features gives Eventura increased productivity levels, reduction in operational costs across the entire company and releases resources to do the work that generates revenues to the company. At the same time and due to the faster and better service provided, client satisfaction levels are also higher and the company can now present competitive advantages that differentiate it from the rest of its competitors, gathering more clients without the need to increase the number of employees, who are now more productive and can manage a larger number of tasks.

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