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Ashgoal experiences savings in all fronts with PaperLess software

Ashgoal is a UK company that has been implementing highly successful IT installations, across a wide range of platforms, since 1979. The company is a prominent accredited partner for Sage and has been since the 1980’s, they specialise in Sage 50 Accounts, as well as Sage 200 Business Suite and Sage CRM.

In order to improve its processes, it was crucial that Ashgoal could easily see purchase invoices in Sage 50, putting an end to the need of having to go through physical invoices to get the data needed. So a solution that enabled them to easily find and see the actual purchase invoices in Sage had to be implemented. Besides this, and in order to get more competitive advantages, Ashgoal also wanted to achieve less wastage of paper, plus reduce time and manpower spent in data inputting.

Based on the experience acquired through more than 1700 installations across Europe, PaperLess implemented its software PaperLess Business, a solution that allows a seamless integration with Sage 50 Accounts, enabling Ashgoal to easily post, manage and find invoices on Sage 50 Accounts and to set workflows for document approval, keeping track of every stage of the process. Sage 200 Business Suite, SoftOne Professional, UNIT4 Multivers, DI-Business, Mamut Business One, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX, Exact Globe and Eyesel Business Suite are some other applications with which PaperLess software is already integrated.

  • Seamless integration with Sage 50 Accounts
  • Find and see all documents in seconds – Powerful search feature
  • Reduce paper wastage and time spent on inputting data
  • System automation with automatic invoice recognition – more than 90% on accuracy levels
  • Gaining competitive advantages and differentiation factors
  • Posting transactions from PaperLess directly into Sage 50 Accounts

Pradip Shah, Ashgoal’s Business Consultant, considers PaperLess software “as much more than a simple document storage solution. In fact, due to the perfect integration with Sage we can post invoices directly from PaperLess into Sage and find those documents in a matter of seconds…” Adding to this and based on PaperLess know-how and experience, the software also allows Ashgoal to archive and find documents that are not related to Sage, in fact the responsible states that “there are loads of features and as I say it is not a document storage system, but lots more.”

In order to provide Ashgoal with a solution that ensured the return on the investment made and prepare the company for the challenges that lie ahead, system automation was crucial. According to Torben Halvorsen – PaperLess’ responsible – that was possible through the implementation of “…the automatic invoice recognition feature, which with more than 90% accuracy levels ensures faster data input, while reducing the number of human errors in the process…” Torben also added that “direct data upload from emails into PaperLess and powerful search functions that allow Ashgoal to find whatever document in a matter of seconds, were some of the most distinctive features that really increased the productivity levels across the entire company.”

A process that from the start aimed to give an answer to the client objectives both in terms of software features, training provided and support given. “This is the best software to complement Sage 50 and also to archive documents…” says Pradip Shah adding that “do not mistake PaperLess as document storage – it is much, much more than that.”

Results Achieved

Ashgoal considers that PaperLess allowed them to experience savings on all fronts, with “…lots of time savings thanks to the fact that now we can find documents within seconds,” says Pradip Shah adding that “looking for documents is much easier, especially as we also sell hardware and we can quickly find manufacturer/suppliers invoices for warranties.”

But the savings go far beyond that, since the costs associated with document printing have gone down drastically, with savings on printer consumables and maintenance. Besides this, the company can now easily see all their documents within Sage 50 software, enabling their employees to act quicker, be more productive and according to Ashgoal “feel greener”. Pradip also stresses that since they started using PaperLess “when the auditors come in, we do not have to wait for them to ask us for documents. They themselves can find them in PaperLess.”

Currently, the PaperLess Business software is completely integrated within Ashgoal’s workflow, being a key factor for the company success and differentiation. PaperLess software is helping Ashgoal to improve productivity levels with automatic workflow and less time spent on data entering, reinforced by a powerful search module that enables company’s employees to easily find and see all transactions and documents they need.

PaperLess’s responsible feels the real-time communication with Ashgoal’s auditors is another powerful PaperLess software feature, adding that “live communication allows them to act in real-time to any situation, which nowadays is vital for any company, giving them more flexibility to act upon any situation and increased control over all their data.”

  • Saves time on searching for documents
  • Savings in time spent on inputting data with automatic invoice recognition
  • Savings in operational costs with printing costs going down dramatically
  • Ability to find all data and documents in a matter of seconds
  • Live communication with auditors
  • Automatic workflow increase productivity levels
  • Increased control over all data and documents
  • Full integration between PaperLess software and Sage 50 Accounts
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