World Paper Free Day October 27th 2011

AIIM is the Association for Information and Image Management and on the 27th October they are organising World Paper Free Day.

Their promotional video is an interesting 4 minute course on the business case for using less paper.

The statistics they introduce to are interesting for instance:

In 1975 Business Week reckoned that by 1990 most record handling would be electronic by 1990 !
InfoTrends report that organisations continue to print, copy and fax more than 1 Trillion pages of paper a year
CCN reports that organisations use paper printouts to archive 62% of their important documents
The video also highlights the business benefits of driving paper out of your organisation:

  • Improved productivity
  • Better customer service and management
  • Risk reduction
  • Cost savings

Nothing new there perhaps, anyone in business will recognise these and also know that using less paper will have benefits, but what may be new is AIIM’s 8 key tips on driving paper out of your business. The 8 tips are all actions that can be taken by most business organisations today, using technology that exists now.

So the time to start is now, and maybe this video could be used within your organisation to promote discussion on achieving less paper.

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