Why have Sage CFOs chosen PaperLess Automation Pack for Sage?

Click here to visit know more about this Sage Add-On SolutionCFOs have realised that they could increase productivity levels in Accounts Departments by automating invoice processing and invoice approval routines, so that accounts teams no longer had to spend valuable time on manually keying in data, send documents for approval, archive invoices and afterwards spend sometimes lots of time on retrieving those same invoices.

When it comes to automation everyone talks like if they knew all there is about it, however it is very easy to make mistakes like for example an accounts department using Sage deciding on implementing an automation software that does not work integrated with this accounting package.

CFOs using Sage 50 and Sage 200 across UK and Ireland have clearly chosen Sage Certified PaperLess Automation Pack Solution, a powerful document management solution that integrated seamlessly with Sage and gives CFOs access to:

  • Automatic Invoice Scanning for Sage with built-in Data Capture Software
    • Paper invoices are scanned and digital invoices are automatically imported into the system and can have all relevant accounting data automatically captured;
  • Automatic Matching of Invoices with Purchase Orders
    • No more time is wasted on manually checking invoice amount with PO amount, this way accounts teams only need to focus their attention on the invoices that for some reason to not match the Purchase Order;
  • Automatic Upload of Invoices into Sage
    • No more time spent on manually archiving documents/invoices and these can be easily retrieved directly from Sage transaction lines;
  • Automation of Online Invoice Approval
    • No that no more time is spent on having paper documents going around the office everything is done digitally and it is easy to keep track of the entire approval process so that accounts team can always know where invoices are and who is pending approval;
  • Full Automation of Invoices received via email
    • With this automation pack for Sage, accounts teams can now set up automation rules to invoices received on email so that no more time is spent on processing them;

By having access to all these automation features for their Sage accounting package, CFOs have rapidly realised that their accounts departments can now process a much larger volume of transactions, invoices and accounting documents without the need to increase the headcount. The automation levels achieved also mean that accounting data is now more accurate than ever before, since invoice data input is no longer subject to human error.

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PaperLess Automation Pack for Sage in times of crisis?

Another unexpected benefit CFOs have notices, is that since with PaperLess Automation Pack for Sage everything can be done remotely, their accounts team can continue working from home during the outbreak of Covid-19. Invoices are now being processed, approved and posted to Sage in a full remote manner with all invoices and accounting documents automatically attached to Sage even when accounts team do not have remote access to it.

How can I have access to PaperLess Automation Pack for Sage?

Well, that is very easy… you can do like thousands of Sage users already did and request a free online demo by clicking here.

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In a 20 minutes online demo this Sage Certified Platinum Partner will show you why is PaperLess becoming the top choice of thousands of Sage users to automate invoice processing routines, invoice approval processes and invoice archiving tasks.

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