Multi line Invoice Data Capture for Sage

Multi line invoice data capture for Sage is changing the way Accounts Payable Departments work by automating one of the most time-consuming tasks within the finance function. This exclusive AP Automation feature is powered by PaperLess Multiline Recognition, a Sage Add-On OCR Software that captures all invoice data on a line per line basis.

With multi-line recognition Sage users no longer have to manual split costs or key in data into Sage. PaperLess Multiline Recognition does this in a fully automatic manner so that Accounts Teams can automate Invoice Payable Processes.

Automatic Capture of Multi line Invoice

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Line per line Automatic Invoice Data Capture 

Multi line recognition across multiple pages

Automatic Identification of Invoice VAT Codes

Process unlimited number of invoices and transactions without any additional cost

What makes PaperLess OCR the top choice of Sage users to automate invoice data capture?

PaperLess is the best OCR for Sage because it enables Sage users to fully customise what accounting fields to capture. Hence, Sage users are no longer limited to just a reduced number of fields read by the OCR Software. 

Another important factor why Sage users prefer PaperLess is because with PaperLess Invoice Recognition invoice capture happens in real time. This way, Sage users do not have to wait hours to get the results of the data capture process.

Also important to add, that as a Sage Add-On Invoice Data Capture Software with PaperLess posting transactions to Sage happens instantly. Manually importing CSV files or waiting hours for transactions to be visible in Sage is a thing of the past.

Sage Add-On Invoice Data Capture

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All the items mentioned above are quite important differentiation factors. However, maybe one of the most distinctive aspects of PaperLess is that it also automatically attach invoices to Sage.

Yes, that is right… PaperLess is far more than just an OCR Software for Sage. Whenever PaperLess posts a transaction into Sage it also automatically uploads the invoices to the corresponding transactions in Sage.

Do I need PaperLess OCR for Sage or should I get PaperLess Multiline Recognition for Sage instead?

The decision between PaperLess OCR for Sage or PaperLess Multiline Recognition comes down to the way your company processes invoices. If you usually only post the invoice totals and not the invoice line items then PaperLess OCR is the right choice for you.

However, if most of the times you need to post invoice line items, then it is definitely worth taking a look at PaperLess Multiline Recognition. This enhanced data capture technology automatically captures invoice data line per line, putting an end to manual invoice data input.

With PaperLess Multiline Recognition, Accounts Teams can then have invoice summary lines automatically captured and posted to Sage. With the powerful intelligence module built-in PaperLess Multiline Recognition, even have the corresponding nominal codes are automatically populated for each VAT rate.

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How does PaperLess OCR price compare to other OCR Software Solutions available on the market?

With PaperLess OCR for Sage, Sage users can process unlimited number of invoices and post unlimited number of transactions into Sage without any additional cost. Yes, while most other solutions charge per each invoice processed, with PaperLess you will only pay per user.

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