How to post emailed invoices automatically to Sage?

The best way for Accounts Teams using Sage to automatically post invoices into Sage is with PaperLess Company Inbox. A Sage Addon Software that has the capability to receive all invoices suppliers send via email, automatically capture invoice data, match the invoice to the PO and post the transactions to Sage in a fully automatic manner.

With an average purchase order matching ratio of around 70%, with PaperLess Company Inbox Accounts Teams only need to look into 30% of the invoices.

Yes, that is right… in average with PaperLess Company Inbox you can automatically process and post 70% of your invoices. This releases a significant amount of human resources that the department head can allocate to more important tasks that require the intervention of a qualified professional.

PaperLess Company Inbox is a Sage Addon Solution. Click here to visit your Sage Marketplace and learn more about how Sage users are automatically processing emailed invoices.

Automatically post invoices into Sage with PaperLess Company Inbox

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Automatically Post Invoices into Sage

Automatic Purchase Order Matching

Setup Purchase Order Matching Variances

Automatic Processing of Emailed Invoices

What is PaperLess Company Inbox for Sage?

Currently in use by thousands of Sage users, PaperLess Company Inbox is the best software to automatically process invoices received via email. This module of PaperLess for Sage, enables Accounts Teams using Sage to automatically process large volumes of invoices.

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Does PaperLess Company Inbox also cater for Sage using not using Purchase Orders in Sage?

Yes, Sage users not using Purchase Orders in Sage can also use PaperLess Company Inbox to automate invoice processing. Simply setup an automation rule to automatically process invoices but not post them to Sage unless they have a PO. This way, Accounts Teams do not have to spend time on opening emails, bringing invoices into PaperLess and running PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition for Sage.

Sage users can also use PaperLess Company Inbox to set up invoice authorisation rules. This way, Accounts Teams can have emailed invoices automatically processed and sent for approval via PaperLess.

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