HMRC Guidelines – Can I scan my invoices into Sage?

Click to learn more about Invoice Approval for SageMany Sage users ask if according to HMRC Guidelines they can scan their invoices into Sage or if they need to keep them in paper format.

HMRC guidelines are quite clear when it comes to the way companies need to keep their records. HMRC states that companies can scan invoices as long as they keep their records complete, readable and easily accessible.

The answer to the question many Sage users ask is then, yes. You can scan invoices into Sage without breaching any of HRMC guidelines on how to store invoices.

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What is then the best software to scan my invoices to Sage?

HMRC does not recommend specific suppliers but they do have a list of invoice scanning software providers. To view the list of digital record keeping suppliers on HMRC website click here.

For Sage users, the best invoice scanning software is PaperLess Software. A Sage Addon Scanning Software that automatically scans and uploads invoices to Sage.

With a built-in OCR Software for Sage, PaperLess automatically captures the invoice data of the scanned invoices. This way Sage users can reduce the time they spend on manual data input while automatically attaching invoices to Sage.

PaperLess turns invoice scanning into fully automated process. This Sage Addon Scanning Software automatically posts both transactions and invoices to Sage at the click of a button.

PaperLess Invoice Scanning Software – The best way to scan invoices to Sage

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Automatic Invoice Data Capture for Sage

How easy is it to scan invoices to Sage with PaperLess Software?

Scanning invoices to Sage with PaperLess is a simple and fully automated process. All Sage users need to do is to scan the invoices into PaperLess and run PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition for Sage.

Once PaperLess finishes automatically capturing the invoice data, all Sage users need to do is to review it. Then, simply hit the post button and PaperLess automatically uploads the invoices to Sage.

What are the main advantages of automating invoice digitasation processes?

By digitising invoices to Sage, Accounts Teams can process a much higher volume of invoices then if they would keep processing invoices in paper format. When Sage users scan invoices, they can then access a powerful set of invoice processing automation features, including automatic invoice data capture for Sage.

Also, only by digitising invoices is that Sage users can automatically attach invoices to Sage, which saves a significant amount of time on archiving invoices. Furthermore, with all invoices digitised and attached to Sage, finding invoices only takes a few seconds instead on the several minutes it would take to go through the paper invoice archive.

By ensuring that invoices can be retrieved in seconds, by digitising and attaching invoices to Sage, Sage users are then acting in line with HMRC guidelines which state that invoices should be easily accessible and readable.

Ensuring that invoices are kept accurate is also another one of the elements present on HMRC guidelines. Since companies can easily lose or damage paper invoices, by digiting invoices Sage users avoid these risks.

It is also important to mention that once Sage users implement a digital invoice record keep system, they can also easily backup all invoices and accounting data. Such further increases accounting records security levels which would not be possible on a paper based finance department.

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