8 Key Points About Data Capture

John Mancini, President of AIIM wrote about data capture recently on his blog “Digital Landfill” following the publication of a white paper entitled Capturing Data to Multiple Business Processes – What’s holding you back?

John was describing key themes about data capture in his article 8 things you need to know about enterprise capture that business organisations now have the opportunity to consider.

For any business organisation considering how to reduce costs, improve efficiency electronic data capture is most likely going to be one of their main considerations, and these 8 key themes contained in the AIIM white paper are great starting points on which an organisation can base their research.

Taking a look at the key themes we can see huge opportunities for any organsiation:

  • Opportunities for document capture remain strong. – Within organizations surveyed, 23% do not have a formal mechanism for systematic scanning and capture, and a further 20% are primarily scanning-toarchive. 55% are primarily scanning-to-process. 
  • Benefits of archive scanning are well acknowledged. – 62% of respondents agree that they have made very real storage cost savings from their scan-to-archive project, and 71% also agree that they have achieved much improved response times and better customer services.
  • Scan-to-Process ROI is strong. – 62% of scan-to-process projects equalled or improved on the expected return-on-investment payback period through greater productivity.
  • There is considerable scope for capture-enabling more processes. -40% of organizations have 3 or less processes capture-enabled.
  • Users are keen to expand use. -60% of existing users are very keen to expand their capture system utilization.
  • Lack of awareness is holding things back. -The main reason respondents are not capture-enabling more processes is a lack of IT resource, and next is the lack of awareness among process owners. 
  • Capture platforms make integrations easier. -The majority of respondents felt that IT resource issues and technical issues would be eased considerably if they had a common capture platform with standardized data integrations.
  • Capture is considered to be a vital part of business processes. -When describing the importance of capture to their business processes, 28% consider it to be a “Crucial component” and a further 36% consider it to be a “Key enabler”.

From our experience of data capture here at PaperLess we can appreciate how the AIIM survey came up with these themes.

PaperLess provides your organisation with the type of platform mentioned and integrates with your accounting solution to give you a high ROI.

Scan-to-process is easy in PaperLess:

  • Users can control the user interface of your scanner directly from PaperLess
  • Scan in batches of transaction types to save time. PaperLess handles all transaction types.
  • Scan single or double sided documents
  • Optionally configure aproval workflows to start automatically when documents are digitised
  • Use automatic invoice recognition to reduce manual data entry
  • A wide variety of processes can be managed within PaperLess integrated with your accounting solution so that you can always access the documentation within a process.

Here are just some examples:

  • Purchase Invoices and Invoice approvals
  • Sales Invoices
  • Expenses
  • Purchase Orders
  • Time Sheets
  • Contracts
  • HR Documentation ( Leave, Illness, Contracts)
  • many, many more.

We also see that many organisations are held back by failing to realise just what can be achieved with PaperLess and by using data capture and scan to process right at the start of processes within their organisations.

Once organisations start with scan to process, its the users within the organsiation that drive the expandion of efficiency within the organsiation, PaperLess is easily distributed through an organisation as there are no applications to install on the suers computer, and as PaperLess is easy to use the new users is up and running quickly.

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