5 Tips For A PaperLess Office

Reducing paper used at work is one of the easiest ways to go green while cutting costs and improving productivity.

PaperLess Office
1. Improve online collaboration

There is no need to ask people to print less if the act already feels redundant. Try a solution such as PaperLess Document Approval, which allows team members to share, edit and approve documents easily.

2. Scan instead of print

This goes beyond vaguely asking co-workers to print fewer documents. The idea is to avoid printing at all! Paperwork can be scanned and added into a common workspace such as PaperLess from the very beginning so that any of the team members can edit or refer to the documents later on.

3. Get an eFax address

Even if you have moved firmly into the digital age, some companies that you do business with may be lagging behind. An eFax address will allow you to send and receive faxes as digital images, reducing wasted paper at your end and streamlining your communications in the process. In this case there is no need to scan paper faxes. All you need to do is drag and drop to add the digital documents to PaperLess.

4. Hold meetings with less paper

Most people throw away agendas as soon as the meeting is over. Adding the agenda to a common online workspace means that digital agenda is viewable by anyone who is attending the meeting, which can also be distributed beforehand. After the meeting put the minutes into a common online workspace so that any of the team members can suggest amendments and/or approve the notes by using PaperLess Document Flow. Another trendy method people are using nowadays is writing notes on a laptop or a tablet PC. By saving them as digital documents there is no need to have a paper notebook again!

5. Access to documents wherever you are

Businessmen used to carry papers around in their briefcases especially when they had to go on a business trip. Many of them are still doing that today. Avoid printing papers out because you can securely use PaperLess Remote Access to view all your documents and download to your laptop whenever you need them.

Now it is time to take action and enjoy a PaperLess office!

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