5 Steps to a PaperLess Office

Thanks to emerging PaperLess technologies, business owners can bypass many headaches and decrease their 5-steps-for-a-paperless-officeenvironmental footprint at the same time. Not only does going PaperLess clear clutter from your office environment, but it also saves you money and is a great PR message for potential customers and partners.

Here are five cutting edge ways to cut paper out of your daily routine:

1. Internal documents

Share and manage files without that trip to the printer. Internal documents include reports, assignments, holiday forms and many other company documents. With PaperLess you can collaborate with your team online without compromising security. For example, expense management becomes easy when using PaperLess Other Document Archive and you can scan all the receipts then add them into PaperLess for your accounting department’s approval.

2. PaperLess statements and bill paying

The more online accounting you do, the less you will spend on postage, envelopes and employee time coordinating invoices, checks and mailings. Running your office finances via the Internet securely makes payments prompt and much easier to track. Having a centralised document management solution helps you to process and approve not only internal documents but also accounting documents more efficiently. All transaction types can be prepared and posted from PaperLess into your accounting application. PaperLess integrates with many popular accounting applications such as Sage 50/200, Mamut One and Microsoft Dynamics, so you don’t have to give up your current accounting application in order to go PaperLess!

3. Storage and file sharing

For moving and storing large files, consider investing in a centralised document management system. PaperLess provides a host of smart tools to help your office reduce paper waste. Digitising your paperwork as early as possible in your business processes saves time and money as it is more efficient to handle documents electronically. You can scan paper directly into PaperLess and drag and drop multiple file types from emails or any other file locations.

4. Scanning and processing

PaperLess is more than scan to archive. More companies rely on scanning and manual processing than you would imagine, despite the prevalence of online and digital solutions. Every step towards a PaperLess environment will save you time, money, storage space and clutter.

5. Remote Access

Last but not least, all PaperLess functionality is available in Remote Access, meaning you can manage and approve your documents from wherever and whenever you are. Access is encrypted and secure via the Internet and there are no requirements for terminal server solution, only an Internet connection is needed.

And don’t forget to recycle any paper you still use and don’t need anymore. Approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper is thrown away every year in Europe, so keep paper trash in a separate waste can and make sure it finds its way to the recycling bin.

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