How is Hallquar Engineering Services Streamlining Invoice Approval with PaperLess for Sage?

As a group of companies engaged in engineering and construction, Hallquar Engineering Services – HES – felt the need to streamline the approval process required before posting invoices into Sage 50. The company would also need to ensure that people on site could have easy access to invoices pending approval as well as filled invoices.


The Challenge – Gaining Control Over Invoice Approval Processes

The challenge for the company was to ensure that invoices were not paid before being approved by the relevant people. Something that with people spread across multiple sites, was not easy.

Furthermore, the company also wanted to reduce paper consumption to minimise the environmental footprint.


The Solution – PaperLess Invoice Approval for Sage

After having tried other solutions, HES decided that PaperLess Invoice Approval for Sage 50 was the best solution to streamline and gain control over the entire invoice approval process.

So, in an implementation process that the company describes as simple and easy, HES started using PaperLess for Sage 50. From that moment onwards, everyone in the company was able to easily authorize invoices as well as to retrieve previously approved invoices.

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PaperLess, a powerful solution to gain control over invoice approval processes for Sage users

PaperLess gave HES the required control levels, ensuring all invoices are approved by the relevant personnel prior to paying the invoice.

Furthermore, by having a digital invoice approval process fully compatible with Sage 50, the company experienced further benefits like the reduction in paper consumption and the time spent on filing the invoices.

Yes, PaperLess turned HES invoice filling into a fully automated process. Due to the seamless integration with Sage 50, once invoices are processed and approved in PaperLess they are automatically linked to Sage 50. Alternatively, non-Sage users can also access invoices directly from within PaperLess Accounting Archive.

From the several invoice processing automation features available in PaperLess, for HES the most important one for the company’s activitiy is the Document Flow for Sage 50, which plays a major role in invoice review.

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