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KF Systems

KF Systems is a Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire serving Sage Business Partner active since September 2010, fronted by management accountancy and systems consultancy specialist Ken Fillmore. With over thirty years experience across his fields of involvement, Ken is a Sage Expert who focuses on working with SMEs to improve and enhance their business processes and systems.

With experience across a wealth of industries, including early involvement in the computerisation of accounting, Ken has a wealth of knowledge to offer any company and has chosen to specialise in Sage due to its popularity amongst SMEs. Ken works with companies to provide a bespoke training package to show them exactly how to get the most from their existing Sage software packages and improve the effectiveness of their business in terms of both time and cost.

KF Systems specialises in providing Sage business solutions with a bespoke consultancy package available for all clients. Contact KF4Sage today for implementation, training and support for PaperLess for Sage.

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