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Boldfield have been providing service to businesses since 1981. As a leading Sage Business Partner and Sage Developer Boldfield works closely with Sage to provide customers in Cambridge, London and Peterborough with the right Sage solution and Sage support for their business. The partnership with PaperLess Europe is in line with the company strategy of providing their Sage clients with the latest and best software in the market enabling them to, in the case of PaperLess, experience much more than what a simple document management solution usually offers, therefore bringing real benefits to their daily activity and business productivity.

As an accredited Sage Developer, Boldfield can also support you with customisations of Sage and integration into other software. Boldfield offer their clients Sage Support with their own Sage trained support team – ensuring that your customised Sage Solution is developed, installed and supported through your products lifetime.

Having Sage Support from an accreditted supplier means that Sage fully endorse and recognise Boldfield as a developer for Sage products. This means that Boldfield have been thoroughly trained and tested to ensure that they meet the standards specified by Sage.

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