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Increase your company profitability by getting new revenue sources. With PaperLess Accountants Programme you will have a new and recurring revenue source for your company.

What can you expect from being part of PaperLess Accountants Programme?

By becoming part of PaperLess Accountants Programme you will be able to enrich your product portfolio and to provide a distinctive service to your clients. With more than 1700 installations across Europe, PaperLess has its Accountants Programme open to qualifying accountants and bookkeepers who wish to use PaperLess to work efficiently with their clients.

PaperLess Accountants Programme

The programme is designed to benefit accountants and bookkeepers in a number of ways:

A new and recurring revenue source for your company

Something increasingly important when considering that PaperLess client loyalty levels are above 90%, ensuring a revenue growth every year.

Access to a powerful and reliable software that manages the entire document management process

PaperLess manages the entire document routine, from the moment documents are received until they are posted to the accounting application.

A distinctive offer to your clients

Give your clients access to a state of the art technology that ensures the automation of accounting processes, starting by Automatic Invoice Recognition with more than 90% success rate.

Marketing support to help you generate new business leads

Full marketing support with telemarketing actions, email campaigns, among several other actions.

Professional Support for your PaperLess installation

The PaperLess Accountants Programme is delivered through our network of PaperLess Business Partners who will provide implementation, training and consultancy to assist you.

Become a PaperLess Accountant

If you are a qualified Accountant or Bookkeeper contact us now to know more about PaperLess Accountants Programme. It is Simple, Smart and Secure.

Book Online Demo

Ask now for your free online demo and in 20 minutes you will find out how PaperLess software allows companies to effectively archive and link all documentation directly to their accounting transactions. See also how Automatic Invoice Recognition associated with powerful workflow features automates the entire process from the moment documents are receive until they are posted into your accounting package.


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