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Specifically tailored for SMEs working with Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 200 Business Suite, enabling them reduce processing steps by 40% by going from the traditional and outdated Scan-to-Archive to the Capture-to-Process methodology.

PaperLess Professional is specifically tailored for SMEs who need a powerful solution to manage all their accounting and non-accounting documents and that is able to integrate seamlessly with Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 200 Business Suite. PaperLess Professional allows Sage users to automate their entire Data Input Process and with the Automatic Invoice Recognition extract all the relevant data from accounting documents enabling businesses to significantly reduce manual data entry and increase organisation’s efficiency, profitability and competitivity levels.

PaperLess Professional enables you to easily go from the traditional and outdated Scan-to-Archive to the Capture-to-Process methodology  which will reduce your processing steps by 40%.Scan to archive vs. capture to process

Increase Productivity with Automatic Invoice Recognition

Reduce manual data entry up to 90%, speed up invoice processing and increase the accuracy levels of your data improving company productivity.

Increased Satisfaction & Profit Margins

Faster work and more accurate data will increase your customers overall satisfaction levels.

All Documents Directly linked to Sage transactions

Due to the seamless integration with Sage 50 Accounts & Sage 200 Business Suite you can now have all documents directly linked to Sage transactions making data analysis much easier than before.

Automatic Workflows & Notifications

PaperLess allows you to set automatic workflows with notification status so that you can keep track of everything that is happening.

Keep track of your business processes and documents

PaperLess powerful search features and a complete audit trail of the approval flow increases the transparency and security of your company data.

Secure Remote Access

Companies with multiple locations and mobile workers can now ensure that all staff who need secure access to your organisation's documents will now have it.

Reduce Operational Costs & Increase Productivity

Reduce overheads wasted on printing, storage and copying. PaperLess powerful audit features also allow you to reduce unnecessary costs and waste by controlling your business processes.

Quick & Easy to Install

Up and running in just one day. We only work with suitably qualified business partners who are carefully selected so that they can provide you the help, advice, support and training you require.

Book Online Demo

Ask now for your free online demo and in 20 minutes you will find out how PaperLess software allows companies to effectively archive and link all documentation directly to their accounting transactions. See also how Automatic Invoice Recognition associated with powerful workflow features automates the entire process from the moment documents are receive until they are posted into your accounting package.


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