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Where To Archive And Strive?

Efficient document archiving plays a vital role in the workflow process for any business today. Everyday organisations receive lots of documents by email and post. Sorting and archiving these documents can be time consuming and costly especially when human errors are unavoidable. In 2012, AIIM’s research revealed that 85% of the vast majority continue to scan only to archive their information. Although Scan to Archive is a known methodology, Capture>Process>Archive is the most up to date and efficient methodology for business processes nowadays. Getting up to speed with the most efficient document archiving system helps your business strive in today’s competitive environment.

The Capture>Process>Archive methodology not only saves your time and expenses on document management but also on the true cost of paper. A centralised document management system enables organisations to capture data by digitising all documents at the start of a workflow process, approve and process both accounting transactions and other documents, and securely archive them in separate folders within the same workspace. Here are a few tips on how document archiving can be simple, smart, and secure for businesses.

1. Secure and flexible archiving for both accounting transactions and other documents

Businesses can manage accounting related documents in the accounting archive and at the same time sorting non-accounting paperwork in other document archive. You can give access to colleagues to documents in the other document archive without compromising security in the accounting archive. In this way, your team can still collaborate effectively whilst avoid any duplication of documents. Businesses can control access to sensitive data, so your data remains safe.

2. Powerful search function

When all your transactions and documents are archived in one workspace, having a powerful search function saves lots of time to locate your documents. Multiple search fields make it quick to find a transaction or document you need by entering the least amount of data required. When you narrow down search criteria by using one or more pieces of data that have been previously captured in the capture process, documents can be located in seconds.

3. Remote Access

Efficient document archiving also allows you to manage and archive your documents wherever and whenever you are. For a successful business to thrive, it is critical to be able to work remotely with your team anywhere and anytime. Remote Access is a convenient tool that allows businesses to have access to their documents outside of the office. Remote Access is encrypted and secure via the Internet, and there are no requirements for terminal server solution.

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