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Tips for Sage – Automatic Document Capture>Process>Archive archive in Sage, how does that work?

With over 15 years of dedication to Accounting the PaperLess Way™, our purpose is to create a PaperLess office for Sage for all your document management for Sage. PaperLess manages all your paperwork from scanning and adding electronic documents, processing and approving them, to posting them into your Sage instantly. PaperLess does this based on the most efficient document management model Capture>Process>Archive.

Capture>Process>Archive is the way forward when most of the companies are handling electronic document management for Sage via emails. PaperLess capture model provides a complete solution for scanning or adding documents at the front end of a process. Critical data is extracted from documents such as invoices, transformed into useful information to drive the work flow process, and eventually posted into Sage directly. Information can also be routed to multiple departments and functions in various electronic formats in order to achieve a PaperLess office for organisations using Sage.

Take a look at this 30 seconds video to know more about the benefits of PaperLess Office Software

Now you want to transform your office into a PaperLess office for Sage. Here are a few benefits of PaperLess office which can help you to achieve your goal. First of all PaperLess is fast and light to implement. It usually takes one day to have PaperLess up and running in your organisation. Multiple search functions make it efficient to locate the transaction or document you need with the least amount of data required. You can add documents from your computer or emails into PaperLess workspace within a split second. Then PaperLess invoice recognition using sophisticated OCR technology can find all the necessary information on your purchase invoices. You can even edit accounting lines and create customised template for particular suppliers so that next time you have invoices from the same supplier PaperLess remembers to generate the same template you want. This is particularly useful when you frequently need to manage batched up invoices in one go. Once the invoices are in PaperLess, you can assign them to your colleagues for approval. After the approval process, you can post all types of transaction into Sage directly with documents attached and are able to view updated documents within PaperLess workspace as well.

In addition, to complete the journey of becoming a PaperLess office for Sage you can also collaborate with non-accounting documents by giving access for colleagues to documents in the Other Document Archive without compromising security. Your colleagues do not need access to Sage in order to view those documents because non-accounting documents are only managed in PaperLess.

PaperLess is designed to fully utilise the best features of Capture>Process>Archive methodology to ensure a higher ROI and to help your organisation create a PaperLess office for Sage. Many of the PaperLess features allow you to manage your entire work flow prior to posting into Sage directly from PaperLess. For all the customers that use Sage 50 or Sage 200, PaperLess is a valuable complementary solution that builds the bridge between sorting out your paperwork hassle and posting them into Sage. PaperLess has earned a reputation as an industry leader in developing efficient and flexible accounting software integrated with Sage.

What our clients say about PaperLess

“PaperLess has made my role as the Financial Controller so much easier… my time can now be better spent on other important tasks, allowing me to meet deadlines with ease… this feature allows me to save lots of time and manual steps when performing this important and before PaperLess time consuming part of my work.”

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