The First PaperLess Seminars Starting Next Wednesday 17th April – PaperLess Europe

The First PaperLess Seminars Starting Next Wednesday 17th April

The first PaperLess Seminars will be held in Leeds next week. PaperLess Business Partner Blue Logic is glad to be hosting the first PaperLess Seminars at their premise, and is looking forward to seeing their customers in the seminar. This is a good opportunity for their customers to learn about PaperLess document management solution integrated with Sage.

Accountants and businesses are showing keen interest in the PaperLess nationwide seminars. Many PaperLess Business Partners have booked their dates to be held in April, May, and June. Customers will be able to gain a better understanding on how PaperLess can help their businesses save time, increase profit, and reduce risk. PaperLess Seminar is a one-day event that consists of one PaperLess Accountant Seminar and one PaperLess Business Seminar.

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Wednesday, 17th April 2013, 10.00-12.00 & 14.00-16.00 (both for business seminar)

  • Blue Logic Computer Systems Ltd.
  • Bramley Grange
  • Skeltons Lane
  • Leeds, LS14 3DW
  • Booking contact:
  • Tel: 0113 273 9040

 During the PaperLess Business Seminar, we will be showing businesses:

  • A central system for all your business documents management
  • PaperLess integration with your accounting application
  • Flexible and secure access to any document
  • Multiple ways of finding documents
  • Working remotely with your team anytime and anywhere
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