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The Benefits of Optimising Your Document Management Process

benefits of optimising document management processThere are many reasons why a company may decide to go PaperLess – to make documents easier to find, share, and approve among your colleagues, to free up valuable space in your office, or to save a few more trees. Whatever your reasons, there are many benefits you can gain from optimising the document management process in your organisation.


Even a locked file cabinet is vulnerable to being broken into by someone with prying eyes. Your paper documents are not safe from those who really want to see them. In a PaperLess office, you can add several levels of security to keep unauthorized persons from seeing sensitive material.

The best document management software allows you to set individual and role-based security at the folder and file levels. This means that you can give different people different access to folders and documents based on their roles within the company. For example, in Other Document Archive Users without any assigned permissions on the file can’t access it at all.

Cost Savings

Have you ever calculated how much time it takes to rifle through a multitude of filing cabinets to find specific documents? Suppose it takes an employee making €20 an hour ten minutes to walk to a records room, find a particular document in a file cabinet, make a copy of the file, deliver the copy to the intended recipient, re-file the original document and return to his desk. If he has to perform that function only six times a day, that’s an hour of lost productivity per day – or about $5,200 per year in wages.

Document management software lets your employees stay more productive by including powerful search features that let them find and distribute important documents almost instantaneously. In addition, document management systems help you eliminate the costs associated with lost documents such as the time it takes to recreate a document that has been destroyed or misplaced.

Central Document Repository

In a paper-heavy office, your documents can be spread out in several different filing cabinets in several different rooms. This can make it very hard and time-consuming to find the documents you need.

A central document repository in a document management system is a database that can be accessed by multiple people from any location. When all of your files are stored in a central location, important information can be retrieved and shared much more easily, provided those accessing the database have the proper permissions to view the files. In addition, storing all of your files in an electronic database helps you free up valuable office space.


Some of the document management software available, such as PaperLess, integrates with various accounting applications as well such as Sage and Mamut to provide seamless synchronisation and business processes. This makes it easier for you to integrate document management with the programs you already use to conduct your business. Integrating your document management software saves time and helps with efficiency and productivity.

When looking for a document management system for your office, make sure it addresses your needs and that it is not too complicated for your employees to use. The goal is to remain as productive as possible and to make the transition to a paperless office as painless as possible.

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