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Sage Accountants Work Online Securely With Their Clients

Two of the many challenges accountants have to face are how to improve both the efficiency and profitability of the Sage Accountantswork they do for their clients and how to enable clients to share documents with them online in a secure way and within the protection legislation. If your clients are using the postal system to send documents for processing, you will have to cope with duplicate invoices, documents getting lost in the post, storing the documents when you process them, and the risk of losing the client’s documents in your office, all of which are time consuming, frustrating, and costly.

PaperLess enables Sage accountants work with their clients more efficiently and securely. PaperLess takes all the hassle away because clients can now use PaperLess ClientAccess to add documents and transfer them to their Sage accountants via the Internet, so there are no more documents getting lost in the post.

Secure online document exchange

When clients transfer their documents using PaperLess the files go directly to the PaperLess Server of the Accountant and all communication is encrypted to the highest standards. This means that there are no third parties involved and PaperLess Accountants have no need to fear any loss of electronic documents to any third party whilst sharing documents with their clients.

Speed up the bookkeeping process

PaperLess also checks for duplicate invoices saving any wasted time caused by client’s sending in the same invoices. In addition to uploading their documents clients can approve documents and see all documents with the transactions in the Accounting Archive. This means that the clients save time when needing to see their documents, and because they have access to all their documents and transactions they can run their business from the information they easily can see in PaperLess over the Internet.

Reduced risk and costs

Archiving all your clients’ documents in PaperLess saves your office space, reduces the costs of document storage and prevents the risk of losing documents in your office. Clients enjoy using PaperLess ClientAccess with their accountants because they are able to get rid of their paperwork, speed up invoice processing and at the same time keep track of their business processes and documents.

Profitable bookkeeping at last

PaperLess integrates seamlessly with Sage 50, meaning Sage accountants can complete the entire workflow and bookkeeping process without changing their accounting application and all the historical data they have kept for their clients. PaperLess automatic invoice recognition reduces manual data entry and human errors by extracting the relevant data from the digital image of the purchase invoices and creating the transaction ready to post into Sage after verification, so Sage accountants can spend more valuable time on higher value work tasks.

Increased clients loyalty

Clients can do as much or as little of the processing work as they agree with their PaperLess Accountant who maintains full control over user access to the system which means that if a client wants to do their own bookkeeping and post directly into Sage then this can be enabled by the PaperLess Accountant.

More time for the higher value work

The valuable accounting work such as VAT returns, bank reconciliations, management accounts and final accounts always remain as a service that the PaperLess Accountant supplies to their clients and this work becomes more efficient as the accountant can see the document associated with every transaction posted into Sage from PaperLess.

Become a PaperLess Accountant for Sage today and learn how PaperLess can help you work more efficiently and securely with your clients.

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