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PaperLess Top 5 Accounting Features

PaperLess would like to recommend our carefully selected top 5 features which you may find very useful for your business needs and daily operations.

1. Automatic Invoice Recognition

PaperLess uses sophisticated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to recognise the information on your invoices. PaperLess also supports XML invoices. You will be able to train the application to recognise the way each individual supplier formats their documents so that every time you give PaperLess new information you will save time in the future.

How does it work?

  • Reads the image of the invoice, and interprets all the letters and numbers on the image
  • Keywords called aliases enable invoice recognition
  • Customised keywords for different suppliers
  • OCR templates used to further extend your keyword lists
  • Supports English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Dutch languages
  • Teach PaperLess to remember next time

2. Document Approval Management

Any document that requires approval by other people can be tracked through the approval process. It provides you with a way to ensure that your approvals process can be structured to the way your organisation works.

How does it work?

  • Set up multiple approval flows with one or more people in each
  • Stay on track with your documents
  • Free those documents trapped in process by a person who is unable to take action
  • People can make comments on the document or refuse the approval with reasons
  • Each user only sees the documents that they need to action
  • Can see the approval process record for each document involved

3. Post & View

All transaction types can be prepared and then posted from PaperLess saving time as documents attached to the transaction immediately. Documents are available to view in the Accounting Archive tab instantly without any waiting and you can see the transaction details and document flow record.

How does it work?

  • Prepare the transactions in PaperLess
  • Document automatically attached to Sage if the transaction already exists in Sage 50
  • Move around the document without leaving the accounting lines
  • F3 powerful search lookup direct to Sage 50 on any accounting line field
  • View any transactions with documents in Accounting Archive tab

4. Remote Access

Allow access by certain users either through a secure browser or through a small secure application to your PaperLess application. Access is encrypted and secure via Internet. There are no requirements for terminal server solution.

How does it work?

  • Only an internet connection is required
  • Upload, download and approve documents
  • Apply invoice recognition and post transactions to your accounting software
  • Search and view the Accounting Archive tab

5. User Rights Control

10 different user rights for each user and each company with a comprehensive set of user rules for flexible control over workflows means that you can design effective processes for your business as well as maintain the highest levels of security.

How does it work?

  • Licence control for all users by the administrator
  • Two types of licence: Standard or Bookkeeper
  • 10 different user rights cover all types of circumstances
  • External users outside your organisation do not see the companies they have no access
  • Secure control over the authorisation levels for invoice approvals
  • Edit certain settings per company for workflow deadlines
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