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PaperLess tips for Sage – How to have all your documents directly attached to transactions in Sage?

Document control plays a critical role in workflow management and companies want to improve their document management without compromising security. PaperLess manages all your paperwork from scanning and adding documents to processing them in your accounting applications. Moreover, the PaperLess solution provides secure user rights control.

  • Secure User Rights – the right access to the right documents.
  • Automatic Invoice Recognition – Increase your productivity and accuracy levels
  • Automatic Customized Suppliers Templates – Faster information update
  • Automatic document workflow and approvals – Workflows based on your company needs
  • Remote Access – Data available wherever you are

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PaperLess in a Nutshell

Electronic document management within one workspace is much easier to handle than paperwork flying around the desks in different departments. PaperLess also enables businesses to add any documents (invoices, orders, agreements, holiday forms, etc.) from emails or computer directly to PaperLess workspace. Alternatively any paper document can be scanned into PaperLess.

Once documents are in the system the automatic invoice recognition extracts all the necessary data from invoices. For businesses that receive many invoices from the same supplier, PaperLess creates customized template so next time you run invoice recognition for invoices from the same supplier, the customized template will automatically be generated saving you time.

The most notable thing for document control is to give your team the correct access rights for document approvals and project collaborations. Remote access is an additional way for a secure document control by being able to access to the documents online anywhere and anytime.

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