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PaperLess Integration With Iris Exchequer

Exchequer Dynamics from Christchurch, UK are currently integrating Iris Exchequer with PaperLess Connect using their ExFusion Exchequer integration platform.

Completing a PaperLess Connect workshop with key members of the development team at Exchequer Dynamics Phil Richards said “it is very exciting to be working on this new PaperLess integration with Iris Exchequer. Users will save time managing their accounting processes as from the transaction line within Exchequer they will be able to quickly find the electronic image for the transaction”.

Jason Richards from Exchequer Dynamics said “there are a number of key benefits to Iris Excehquer users when using PaperLess within their accounting processes including the automatic invoice recognition which reduces the amount of manual data entry required before posting transactions into Iris Exchequer from within PaperLess.”

Welcoming Exchequer Dynamics as a PaperLess Integration Partner Phil Richards is seen here with Jason who added “we work with a number of high quality applications that Iris Exchequer users can integrate with using our ExFusion platform, and we look forward to launching PaperLess for Iris Exchequer clients.”

Exchequer Dynamics has developed a range of tools for Iris Exchequer users.

  • ExSync – ExSync is a standalone application designed to provide fast data access to Pervasive SQL in order to allow fast data access directly through ODBC. It then converts the data and moves it to the respective database.
  • ExReport – ExReport is the client query/reporting engine that connects to the data synchronised by ExSync.
  • ExAddress – ExAddress is a fully integrated Exchequer plugin which allows a ‘Postcode Lookup’; when adding or editing a Customer or Supplier record.
  • ExWeb – Fully integrated e-commerce with orders written directly into Exchequer as sales quotations or sales orders respecting customer currency types, discount matrix and credit control.
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