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PaperLess for Sage 200 Business Suite

The Sage User Network Conference was an exciting event to meet Sage users, business partners and third party vendors showing their products available for Sage 200/500/1000 and ERP X3.

There were some very interesting presentations about Sage 200 Cloud, Business Reporting with Excel, Automated tasks, Application Program Interfaces (API’s), Warehouse Management Solutions, Business Intelligence, and updates for Sage ERP1000 and ERP X3. PaperLess had a pleasure to deliver a presentation for Sage 200 Suite to an interested audience of Sage 200 users.

In the presentation visitors learnt how their business can benefit from going PaperLess integrated with Sage 200 and how PaperLess can help them save money, increase profit, and reduce risk. PaperLess software offers the most efficient business processing methodology Capture-Process-Archive one can use within his organisation independent of any choice of software solution.

The event also enabled sponsors such as PaperLess to meet up with current users of Sage ERP applications and listen to their feedback on current market trends and new requirements. The Sage ERP 1000 product team were there to run Sage Usability clinics and have discussions with users to resolve any challenges they may be facing.

This was the first year that Sage 200 had a mini conference at the event and the conference was well supported by Sage 200 Business Partners and technology providers such as PaperLess.

The event was held at the Scarman Centre in the grounds of Warwick University. The facilities were excellent with simultaneous presentations being held in meeting rooms located near the main exhibition hall, and the delegates and sponsors were entertained by a conference diner with a most amusing magician who visited every table and a paper money casino that opened after the diner.

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