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PaperLess Customer Day In Collaboration With MCS Group

MCS Group bring PaperLess technology to the beautiful Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland

Customers of the MCS Group, the first company in Northern Ireland to be awarded the prestigious Sage “Platinum PartnerAward” were treated to a half day workshop to showcase emerging technologies in business management.

The beautiful surroundings of the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre which lies within the Oxford Island nature reserve set the stage for presenting the new technology to both medium and small business customers using Sage software to run their business efficiently.

Kyle Moore from MCS Group ran through a demonstration of the newest features in the Sage 200 Suite for medium sized businesses demonstrating how using the BI (Business Intelligence) module customers could quickly extract key performance data from within their existing systems meaning that customers can quickly identify where their business needed to take action to improve profitability.


Deborah Hails from Sage UK Limited demonstrated the new features in the latest release of Sage Accounts 2013 showing how small business owners could produce the standard reports required by the UK authorities in a quick and efficient manner.

Showing how any business could communicate with their customers quickly and efficiently and easily access all the communication records for each customer and supplier within one system, Joe Walsh from MCS Group demonstrated the Sage ACT CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that integrates easily into Sage 50 Accounts.

Managing paperwork in a simple and secure way was the final display of new technology from PaperLess integrated with Sage to provide an electronic document management system that can be used by any size of business to reduce the time wasted by staff on processing and finding paper. Phil Richards from PaperLess Software Europe demonstrated how a purchase invoice could be automatically recognised in seconds and the transaction created for posting into Sage with very little manual data entry. This was followed by an explanation of how the PaperLess approval process ensures that all staff members needing to approve invoices could do so quickly and easily.

At the end of the busy day welcoming customers at the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre Steve Boyes from MCS Group said “It has been a super experience to be here in such natural surroundings to show how cutting edge technology can help business owners drive efficiency and profitability”.

Martin Smith from the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre said “I was delighted that MCS Group organised their presentations for their customers at Lough Neagh Discovery Centre and look forward to welcoming again in the near future.”

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