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PaperLess at Malta Institute of Accountants Conference 2012


The Malta Institute of Accountants (MIA) 2012 Biennial Conference was held on 15-16 November with the theme “Our Institute beyond tomorrow – Charting a roadmap for a changing profession”. An audience of about 200 accountancy professionals attended the conference.

This year’s event focused on the need for the profession’s rebranding in the light of the regulatory upheavals and how to maximise accounting efficiency while raising the environmental awareness on the global issues such as paper problem. The conference discussed the varied roles that professional accountants were called upon to fulfil and explored issues that affect the continued relevance of the accountant in the coming years by examining local and global trends affecting members in daily work, enlisted opinions on how these trends would impact present and future members in the years ahead, and determined how the Maltese profession could best meet its challenges and leverage opportunities.

PaperLess was represented by the Sage Business Partner in Malta – Information Technology Services Ltd. at the conference. This was a great opportunity for PaperLess to network with both local and international accountants, and to introduce the recently launched PaperLess Accountants Programme. Many accountants expressed the need to improve overall accounting experience with their clients. PaperLess was there to help accountants realise that going PaperLess with their clients effectively increases efficiency and reduces risk of paper loss while at the same time remain secure with their own data.

Efficiency, profitability, and security were 3 main concerns for accountants at the conference. The PaperLess Accountants Programme is tailored for qualifying accountantswho wish to use PaperLess to work more efficiently and securely with their clients. PaperLess Accountants benefit in a number of ways:

  • Increase bookkeeping efficiency
  • Reduce overheads
  • Generate recurring revenue
  • Protect secure data transfer
  • Free marketing support


From left: Kyoko Q. Zhang (PaperLess Marketing Executive), Allison Buhagiar (ITS Senior Consultant), and Catherine Bonavia (MIA Relationship Officer)

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