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PaperLess At BRAND YOU Networking Event

Yesterday PaperLess enjoyed a quality networking evening with many business professionals in Malta at the first ever Malta LinkedIn event – Brand You. With flowing wine, food, and intelligent panel discussions, business professionals from different sectors had a great time mingling with each other and exchanging fresh business ideas.

This innovative event was organised in collaboration with LEAD Events with the theme focused on personal branding, a subject that associates closely with Linkedin. Brand You, as the event is called, invited top local speakers and businessmen including Deborah Marshall-Warren – Interactive Hypnotherapist & Public Speaker, Helga Ellul – CEO at Playmobil Malta, Angelo Xuereb– CEO at AX Holdings, all sharing their insights on the subject. Deborah described an individual’s external and internal emotions as front-office and back-office, where the first case always represents confidence while the latter case is hidden with fear, anxiety and low self-esteem. Therefore understanding the inner you will help building a stronger personal branding to your audiences. Helga, as a successful business executive in a large corporation, suggested that there should always be a clear distinction between one’s personal branding and corporate branding.

Having decided to support the event, PaperLess Business Development Manager Phil Richards commented: “It’s always nice to support networking opportunities like this in Malta to establish new professional relationships and exchange business insights with experts from different industries.“ Supporting such local events is important for PaperLess to help the development of the local business community and further contribute to its growth.

Having established its brand back in 1997 in Oslo, today with an expanding client base of over 1700 installations in Europe PaperLess now has its headquarter in Malta and offices in Norway, Netherlands, and Ireland. Malta is known as an ideal business destination with its geological advantage that links Europe to both Africa and the Middle East, which encourages foreign companies to invest and grow their business both locally and internationally. As Mr. Angelo Xuereb spoke during the panel discussion yesterday, Malta should focus on self-branding in order to differentiate itself and to stand out offering its unique characteristics, perhaps one day to become the Gem of the Mediterranean. Whether it is a person, a product, a company, or a country, positioning and branding are always two very crucial points for one’s success.

Finally, PaperLess would like to congratulate BPiM (Business Professionals in Malta) Linkedin Group and LEAD Events for organising and delivering such a unique Brand You networking event last evening. Well done!

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