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MCS Group joins PaperLess as Sage 200 Integration Partner

PaperLess Software Europe is pleased to welcome MCS Group from Belfast, UK who join them as Sage 200 Integration partners. MCS Group support a wide range of business organisations with both Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 200 Suite and PaperLess is available with integration to both Sage applications.

Peter was visiting MCS in Belfast to complete the training and implementation process that all PaperLess Business Partners undertake as part of the comprehensive support available for Sage 50 and Sage 200 partners who are delivering solutions to clients.

“Today’s training session has been a real eye-opener for us, with regard to the opportunities that PaperLess can provide.” said Steve Boyes from MCS Group, “The software is remarkably easy to implement, and obviously offers huge benefits to users processing large volumes of documents, or who want control over authorisation. We will be working very hard on the Sage 200 integration over the next few weeks, to ensure that we can provide these benefits to our own and our partner’s customers at the earliest opportunity”.

“We invest a significant amount of time with our PaperLess Business Partners to ensure that we have shared our experience of saving Sage software users time and money by utilising the PaperLess application integrated with Sage to reduce manual data entry and to improve efficiency and payment cycles in a business by digitising documents at the start of the business process” said Peter Odell whilst completing a training session with Barry Currie and Steve Boyes from MCS Group. PaperLess Training with MCS Group

MCS Group is already working on the Sage 200 integration module in addition to the direct integration already available to Sage 50. Using either Sage 200 Suite or Sage 50 Accounts PaperLess users can post transactions directly into Sage from the digital document in PaperLess which saves a great deal of time in processing transactions.

From the transaction line in Sage PaperLess users can then view the digital image of the transaction just by using one short key combination which makes it easy for users to manage the accounting documentation digitally from within Sage.

Contact MCS Group for PaperLess integration with Sage 200 suite and Sage 50 Accounts.

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