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Latest Release of PaperLess for Connect

paperless-new-releaseThis week PaperLess issued a new release of PaperLess for Connect (4.5.2 Build 3521), offering a better user experience with new features and changes. Here is a glance at some exciting new functionalities made:

1. XML invoices with embedded PDF

We have added support for new XML invoices format where the visual PDF is embedded in the XML file.

2. Invoice recognition OCR:EUR and OCR:INT

PaperLess introduces a new invoice recognition language OCR:EUR, which validates the found business number of invoice recognition process ONLY against European VAT numbers. The new OCR:EUR uses same aliases as OCR:INT, so there is no need to define aliases again.

3. File > Document Archive administration

We have created new field, so the user can now select all the deselect all companies at one go, saving users time and increasing workflow efficiency.

4. Use of DNS instead of IP address for PaperLess ClientAccess in Secure Mode

It is now possible to use DNS instead of IP address in PLDCenter.exe, for instance “”. This gives more flexibility if your customers are changing your public IP address and would like their users to neglect the IP address of your firewall, but only use the DNS “”.

PaperLess for Connect manages all your financial documents electronically so document management for your business is a breeze. Synchronisation is automated and happening in the background instantly. It is easy to learn how to use the PaperLess workspace so they can manage their documents more efficiently and securely.

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