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How to Create a Paper Free Office?

Save space, save costs

Paper use is finally decreasing, particularly in large organizations. This article uncovers the big reasons to stop paper at the door: Prevent clogged processes, mobilize content, and improve the speed of response to customers, suppliers, citizens or staff by 6 times or more. Dramatic improvements to processes happen when paper bottlenecks are removed.

Stop paper at the door

The big reason to head paper off at the door is to prevent it clogging up processes and to mobilize its content. This is exactly how PaperLess was conceived and the PaperLess Workspace enables all users in an organisation to share and collaborate with documents that have indeed been digitised when they arrived in the business.

Quick return on investment

It is worth it too. Return on investment is high. Overall we saw a return on investment of 18 months or less for over half of our respondents. In our experience the overall return on investment is higher than this, due to the fast implementation and training cycle for PaperLess.

According to the AIIM document management report in 2013:

  • On average, respondents using scanning and capture consider that it improves the speed of response to customers, suppliers, citizens or staff by 6-times or more
  • Electronic-only filing would halve the storage space needed for paper in 5 years.
  • 77% of invoices that arrive as PDF attachments get printed. 31% of faxed invoices get printed and scanned back in (Avoid all this waste with PaperLess!)
  • The importance to share and search easily is the biggest driver for investment in scanning and capture, followed by improved productivity and reduced storage space.
  • 42% of users have achieved a payback period of 12 months or less from their scanning and capture investments.

The PaperLess office

You can stop paper at the door and scan documents into PaperLess as they arrive

  • All users can access the documents they need to
  • Comprehensive user rights control means that data security is maintained
  • Integration with accounting systems means that transactions can be created from documents in PaperLess and posted into the ERP system – avoid any duplication of effort
  • Efficient approval workflow means you keep track of all your documents as they go through the business processes – never lose track of anything!
  • With PaperLess you can handle all your electronic document types
  • All areas of your business can use PaperLess, the Other documents archive handles all non-accounting documents

The opportunity for a Paper Free Office

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency for business processes
  • Reduction in costs
  • Reduction in workplace stress
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