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How easy is it to work with documents in PaperLess?

Once you start using PaperLess to manage your accounting processes you start to appreciate the easy to use functionality that is specifically designed to save time when processing accounting paperwork.

One great example from the many available is using one key stroke to toggle the doumnet view between the top and bottom of a document in view.

This is useful functionality in itself which is further enhanced by the design of the Document View window which, in its defaults etting, is designed so that by using the Toggle Top and Toggle Bottom function, you always see the whole doucment with one key stroke.

Importantly when you are editing accounting lines or entering comments in the document comment box which are all shown below the doument view, you can use the Toggle Up and Toggle Down to move your view of the doucment whilst you are working on it.

Naturally once you have all the data ready you can post the transactions directly into your accounting application.

In the image you can see PaperLess with a direct integration to Sage 50 Accounts (enlarge the image from the top left of this page), which means that you can then find the document and transactions shown together in two ways:

  • From the transaction line within the accounting application
  • From the PaperLess Accounting Archive
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